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Nov 26, 2010
Sooo, I was getting rid of clothes and stuff to free up my bank when I had this idea. What if you had extra storage space for clothes disguised as a wardrobe or something?
I would love this to happen as sometimes I just don't have enough space for the things I want to keep and I occasionally end up selling things I don't want to sell.
It would be great if this could happen one day :)

Nov 16, 2013
one word yes this is a great idea because my backpack and bank are nearly always full and i lose good gear.but maybe this could be a common drop from a few bosses .overall this is a great idea.thumbs up!

dakota dawnheart lvl 48

Oct 18, 2009
This has been suggested a bunch of times right up there with the recently gained seed vaults.

I would like if there was a display shelf similar to the ones you see in shops around the spiral. That way they wont have to work too hard to make a model for the wardrobes They would be themed already and everything so there would just have to be an interface that would work like a manikins in that you can pick a tab and shove whatever you want on it except this can hold however many hats and stuff at a time. Then as you put clothes in they appear on the shelves either as what they actually are or as just the generic wizard robes/hats/shoes you usually see sitting in the shop displays. It should probably hold about seven sets of armor so seven boots/robes/and hats (21 free spaces right there).