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W101 Awesome Ideas

Jan 24, 2009
Spells: Death Malistaire 980 to target heal half to caster
Life:Ying-Yang Angel 700 to all enemies 700 to all allies
Fire:Fire Dancer 800 to all enemies
Ice:Hypothermia (a stronger version of frostbite) 400+400 over 4 rounds
100 a round
Storm:Nessie 1230 to all enemies
Myth:Onza 500+400 to one enemy (on one turn)
Balance:Equivelance: Make all fighters (bad guys and good guys) health 1000
or if its lower 500. if all are same and higher then 500 and lower then 1000 make it 800 if its lower then 500 make it 300

World:Chillio (A chili based world (not the food) but it is a fire based world)

Areas:Ruined City (actual name before it was destroyed XD and its the commons ) Dead Street Fire and Death (Weirdly still the original name)
Volcano Mountain (it popped up) You guys pick rest

World Boss:Quaker (chili earthquake) Myth. Health 23,000 Spells:
Orthrus, Medusa, Basilisk, Onza, Myth trap, Myth Blade, Satyr.

Minions. Goatmen. Life, Health 6000. Spells: Rebirth, Satyr, Ying-Yang angel, and Gnome.

Cheat. When you blade with a storm blade *or Elemental Blades* he earthquakes and says "Chillio shall be destroyed"

Story: Ambrose calls you and says "Chillio has been hit by a furocious earthquake, and we think its the Quakers doing. Take this key and go to Chillio."

New games :D :Well i guess Monster Tamer101. No schools persay.

Mideval101 Schools

Jester, Ruler (King, Queen), Magician, Knight, Archer.
Qualities and Attacks.
Ruler: Good of all stats. Attacks ( Some) Staff Smack 70 damage 1 enemy
Attack! Powers up all friends of The Knight class's next attack 25%.
Execute. Powers down target's next attack by 30%.
Knight: Best attack least health good Resist.
Attacks: Slice 120 damage 1 enemy
Feint (real way) Take off one defence and stun for 1 round.
Defend. Defence of 50% from next attack to self only.
Magician: IDK any
Jester: IDK.
Archer: I only know one. Bow and Arrow.
Hope you like these ideas. :) more coming soon