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user configurable names suggestion

Nov 22, 2010
Other games do this, and it works well:

This would be open only to those that have a membership and would cost crowns

Right now, the only option for naming either characters or pets is the predefined selection option. Which is fine to start out with. But very limited. I understand the reason for that, K. I. doesn't want to take the chance that someone will use inappropriate names. And they would. There's no filter out there as smart as a human intent on getting around it.

So here's the suggestion:

Once a character has been created and has reached level 5 (or a pet has reached adult) the player can for a cost of crowns (up to K. I. to determine that cost) submit a name request. The staff would look at the name, make sure it is appropriate for the game, ensure there are enough crowns in the account to cover it, and then either approve or decline. If the name is approved, the crowns are removed from the account and the name is changed. If it is declined, the player receives and IN GAME notice from Ambrose (not email. There are lots and lots of problems with email) explaining why the name wasn't accepted and the crowns are not removed from the account.

Name changes this way can only be requested once per character or pet.

May 17, 2009
It's just a name though why should naming something cost crowns. and plus changing your name would be really confusing to your friends on your friends list because they might now you as Blake BattleStaff or Heather Wildcoin
I'm not in favor of the crowns for name change because it just seems like a waste of crowns for something as simple as a name change.

Sarah UnicornFlower

Grandmaster Of Ice