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Update Ideas

Jun 12, 2012
So this is a long list of various things that I would love to have in my favorite game. Constructive criticism and feedback is highly appreciated.

  • The ability to target cards like self-healing cards. What I mean is when you cast pixie have the option of selecting yourself (which you are the only targetable person as it is a self only spell). This would prevent miss clicking this spell when you meant to cast the card next to it. This could also apply to global spells like unicorn, blizzard, minions and even bubbles. I've always been annoyed by clicking the wrong card and not having a second chance to change it.
  • Deleting side quests. I'm a neat freak when it comes to video games and there's nothing I can't stand more than picking up a side quest by mistake and not being able to remove it other than completing the quest. Yes, this is rather trivial but still an annoyance.
  • Potions. I'm not talking about the crowns shop potions or the flasks that restore health and mana. No, I mean craftable potions with various effects. This could include temporary speed boosts, stat boosts (non-pvp of course), and even experience boosts. I feel like this would make an interesting addition to crafting.
  • Advanced stitching. I think having more customizability with gear stitching would greatly increase individuality. It seems that most people just reuse stitched equipment that someone else already has but this could change that. This could include adding school symbols or patterns onto equipment or changing the dimensions of gear (height, width, bulkiness, etc.)
  • Guilds or clans. Wizard101 is a very social game in my opinion and I think adding a group feature such as guilds or clans would further this. Even with the team-up mechanic, I have difficulty finding people to help me with a dungeon I'm stuck on. However, with a guild or clan, this could eliminate this issue. Guilds could even have special castles that all members can teleport to. There could even be special guild quests that offer special rewards, badges, and maybe even pets. Maybe even clan wars where other clans or guilds face off in special battles (kind of like tournaments). I've also thought about an interesting tower defense game that could be done with guilds. Each guild can use and upgrade their own monsters (similar to normal enemies like lost souls) and can customize their spells. Each guild has monsters to defend their tower and they must destroy the opposing guilds or clans tower to win. There is just so many possibilities with this that it's hard to discuss them all in once sitting.
  • Rotation battles. This could be special dungeons or even pvp. Basically, a team has 2-4 people on it and after a certain amount of rounds, the teammates switch. This could lead to some interesting teamwork strategies and offer a new form of combat into the game.
  • Face and name changes. This is something I think many players can agree on. Having the option to change your name or face would be very helpful.

Thanks for reading!

Mar 16, 2012
I like the Guild/Clan Idea a fair bit as Wizard is a very social game. I've been playing FF14 a lot lately and they have a Guild/Clan like system. The difference is, least in my experience so far, FF14 is a tab bit stiffer on the social side. Sure, you may do a dungeon with someone, but the only words that might be spoken during it is a thanks at the end usually.

In wizard, you can practically go up to anybody and strike up a conversation. Practically. You will find those who are as silent as the grave, but overall Wizard is a very social game and our character clearly isn't the only powerful wizard out there cannonly.

Dec 11, 2013
: how about creating a "crowns lottery" game in the " Pet Pavillion" . Where you buy a ticket for between 1o crowns to 100 crowns. The game has numbers to choose from o-5o, and a "power ticket" number, from 0- 25. Pick 5 numbers first, and a "power ticket" number second. The computer generates winning numbers;.... looks like a video playing keno.... If your numbers match all 5 plus & the "power ticket" your pet gets the number of crowns you played in points, no food necessary. If you match 4 numbers plus the " power ticket" number you get 4 points, plus feed your pet. {see example payouts below} You cannot win with just "power ticket". Unless you lose three times in a row a free ticket can be played but only on four numbers. No grand prize.

5&1= point to pet no feeding
4&1= 4 points + feed
3&1= 3 points + feed
2&1=2 points + feed
1&1=1 point +feed
0&1=0 points no feed-LOST GAME.

Oct 02, 2015
I think a cool update idea would being able to have a way to automatically refill your tc with an option to enable/disable it.

Nov 24, 2012
Or as pets age up and become adults, there could be an option for the pets to become mounts. They'd lose all pet abilities and gain mount abilities.