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Transfer homes between characters

Sep 05, 2010
I think we should be able to transfer homes between wizards because I really want to delete my death wizard so I can make a new wizard but he has the fantasy palace from the original $39 bundle card and there is no way I can delete him with that house still on him so basically I can't have play another wizard.


Houses can be transferred via the Shared Bank! The Shared Bank can only hold one house at a time and each house can only be moved to the Shared Bank once every 90 days. To retrieve the house from the Shared Bank, the Wizard must have a housing slot available and cannot already have a house of that type. Houses are transferred with all of the objects inside of them.

Houses can’t be placed in the shared bank if:
  • They have mannequins with no-trade equipment on them
  • They have teleporters that take the player to other houses
  • The house is a teleporter destination from another house
  • They have weapons that are no-trade on the walls
  • They have any no-trade housing items
  • They have pets or mounts placed in them

Sep 05, 2010
Awesome I didn't know that, this is great news :D