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thoughts on new kind(s) of PIP(s).

Jul 20, 2012
I was thinking, maybe a new kind of pip for further increasing future level caps, a level 3 pip. there's PIP, which is 1. there's power PIP, which is 2. there's shadow PIP. how about.... a Hyper pip, which would be 3 pips. there's probably one reason why this name wouldn't work: due to being, that the word "hyper", is filtered in text chat. another than that, the chance to receive one would be similar to shadow pip chance probability. required level would be further than level 110 for possible future increase in level cap. the color would be a deep crimson red color. quest spells possible of regular rank 11-12 would have good needed of this kind of pip, especially for those out there with power pip chance around 70-80% since sometimes power pips like to be picky around this percentage lol. size of the pip would be the size of a power pip. for the choosing of this color is because, pip is white- for like being "minimal", "common in rarity", or either in "basic strength". power pip is yellow- for like being as of "increased power and by color", "increased power by strength", or either as "color change to view intensity of power". and for "Hyper pip", or either if thought of another name by greater power that is not filtered in text chat, such as "super or supreme pip", "mega pip", "epic pip", "ultra pip", "immense pip" and such works for greater power for "power" or "strength". for names in thought of the power and not filtered could probably be: "peerless pip", "premium pip", "mighty pip", "titan pip", "cosmic pip", "greater pip", "superior pip", "vigorous pip", Etc...
in thought of being the change in color for representation of increased power could be, "examples" of things like this: on weather scale, yellow is around heavy, red is severe, purple is much severe. being the color purple for pips, could possibly be a color pip added around much far future in the game, purple, a darkish purple color, for much increased strength beyond red, possibly a 4 pip type, whereas possibly in the future there may be regular and/or higher pip costing spells like rank 13-14 regular, or such "shadow spells" containing 1 or 2 shadow pips and like 7-8 pips. there are some things to think of too in this case. since 7 max pips and 7 max power pips to be 14 pips, sometimes chances in gaining these rank 3/4 pips could be multiple in a few rounds. so to cover that, with these higher rank pips give increased pip gain cap (as long as the pips are lower than 14 pips, one of these rank 3/4 pips can be gained). pip cap could be 18 for people ranging required level. for greater pips, should come with massive character stats to match the level. so to maybe say the level (just in my opinion) may be: rank 3 pips acquired at level 118 or 130. rank 4 pips acquired at level 170 or 195. I have no idea if the levels would get that high lol. hope everyone likes this idea . there may be some flaws in this idea that I might not have thought about or may not have typed lol. enjoy .