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Third Arc Ideas

Jan 13, 2013
I was expecting Polaris. A few new worlds, and some new characters! ( NPC's if your confused)

I thought about the Third Arc, and Old Cob might as well be the villan this time.
I misjudged you Cob, your a retro stuntman.
Today I thought about the Polaris Quests, so, enjoy! :)

First Quest: Welcome To The North Pole!
Talk To Ambrose

"Hello young wizard. We have seen Old Cob destroying Polaris, making it colder than ever!" " We need your help to keep it from freezing." "Here is the spiral key to Polaris." "Its very cold, watch out!"

Talk to Bartleby

"Hello, young wizard. You have ventured far. I think you are ready to survive the winter.
Take this warmth stone. It will help you."

Go to Polaris

14800 XP

984 gold

New quest: Visitors From Khrysalis

Talk To Bugsby in Snowfall Square ( main area)

Busby: Hello, spellbinder. The entire world has froze, and we haven't had any report from our guards!
Do you have any time to tell Belle Frank that I'll be going to Snowy hills? Belle Frank is a white polar bear, dressed in black, right by the castle gates.

*sudden surprise* On top of the castle is Morganthe's ghost and Old Cob!

Morganthe: Me and Old Cob decided to freeze the entire world, and will burn the next world!

Bugsby: Spellbinder! Tell Belle that Morganthe is back too! I've gotta run!

New Quest: Ghost Of Me

Talk to Belle in Snowfall Square

Hello wizard!Morganthe's forces have unleashed- I know! Can you get the guards permission? I need my sword and shield

I will post next half in a post