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The world of Fraxor

Jul 20, 2009
The world of Fraxor is a world far into the future. When Morganthe gets to this world, she steals a time machine goes back into the past, and turns all the worlds [ wc, kt, mb, ms, ds, gh+wt, cl, zf, and av] into darkness [ ds i guess would either stay the same, become worse, or turn into the opposite lol]. Ambrose sends you to Fraxor to get another time machine to stop Morganthe's plans. Surpsies await in the Anti-worlds.

Anti-Wizard City- Marvin, Malistaire's secret brother tries to stop you from restoring anti-wc and challenges you to a duel for peace or darkness. Then Ambrose appears out of really nowhere and says "Not so fast, Marvin, this young wizard and I will defeat you!". So its you and Ambrose against Marvin.

Marvin: Malistaire's secret brother- Health- 75,000. School- Death [doh xd] Cheats?-yes. How?- The first round Marvin only starts with 5 power pips. First, he uses a deathblade on himself ending his turn. Then before you use your card he says, "Not so fast!", and uses a simple 1000 Dr. Von on you and a 1200 vampire on Ambrose and uses plauge on both of you. Then every 25 rounds, Marvin uses crow-1200. Every 15- Skeletal pirate 850 to each of you. Every 5 rounds, he feints both of you and uses deathblade.

Ambrose: WC headmaster- Health- 35,000 School- Balance i suppose? or maybe astral idk. Cheats? No, Ambrose likes to play fair. Except he starts off with 4 power pips.

After you defeat Marvin, Anti-wc returns to normal, and then you travel to Anti-kt.

Anti-Krokotopia-To people approach you when you arrive: Krokonemicon, and the Evil Mander King. Krokonemicon is a krok robot and says to you, "Halt wizard, none shall pass". Then the mander says, "Dont listen to him! Fight us in a duel to prove that you are worthy of living!". Then a building catches on fire and distracts all 3 of you. From behind the building are: Krokopatra, and Sergeant Major Talbot. They have chosen to help you.

Krokonemicon: A krok robot- Health- 50,000 School- A mixture of death and storm. Cheats? Yes. How? First round he uses 3 infections on all 3 of you. And if you dont trap him by the end of the 3rd round. He places and 100% curse either you or your teammates but never twice in a row. When you take out 10,000 of his health he says "No one shall pass!", and uses storm lord. The next 30,000: "I will not be destroyed!", A levy to each of you, and then an earthquake, plus 2 round stun. Also starts with 3 power pips and 1 regular pip- 7 total

Evil Mander King: A red mander with a crown on his head wearing a black cape- Health- 35,000- School- Mix of fire and death. Cheats? For sure but not many. How? On the second round he uses a 500+675 over 3 round fire dragon, and blades himself with a fire and deathblade. Then whoever has the most health on the second turn, he uses a 950 efreet on. Once he has around 25,000-15,000 he says "Wizard, I cannot allow you to defeat me!" and uses 500 meteor, another fire dragon [same damage], and uses to smokescreens. Starts with 5 power pips.

Krokopatra: Krok Queen- Health- 25,000 School- Storm. Cheats? Only 1. How? On the first turn she uses whatever ending her turn. Then she says "We cannot allow this nonsense any further." And uses a 1575 sirens. Starts with 4 power pips.

Sergeant Major Talbot: Royal Expedition Leader School- Balance i guess. Cheats? nah. Starts with 3 power and 2 regular-5 total.

Once you defeat Krokonemicon and the Evil Mander King, KT returns to normal like it was before and then you teleport to Anti-Marleybone.

More will be postly shortly :D I dont wanna overload this thing with so much lol.

Jan 24, 2009
I have... actually... thought of the world of Negative WizardCity and my dad told me that, that is not good because its just the same world turned to black and good guys you fight and bad guys who help you. So i am just saying what my dad said i... myself would enjoy your world ideas

Jul 20, 2009
I'll type up the rest of the anti-worlds a different time lol. But, back to the world of Fraxor. Once you revieve [think thats right] all the anti-worlds, you return back to Fraxor. Eh, might as well give a description: A very rich world, with many mansions, lots of 2 story houses, a nice beach, beach houses, 2 science labs, The Pendragon Palace [ I will get to that shortly :D], The King's Palace [King Fraxor], And on the far end of Fraxor, 2 nuclear power plants. When you go to the King's palace, you see morganthe just inside. She says, "Young wizard you cannot stop me!" Then a giant shark falls through the roof [Named King Rotor] Health, 80,000 School-All 7. So his symbol, a spiral. Once you defeat him you fight morganthe. Death, 150,000 health. Cheats? Yeah u guys gonna have to help me on that. Once you defeat her the king thanks you, gives you a king's outfit [royal crown which is an actual gold crown and whatever else a king wears].

Pendragon Palace- A side dungeon close to the beach. When you enter you see 8 dragons: Red, white, purple, yellow, black, light brown, green, and the Pendragon. Then the entire room turns black and all the dragon's are gone. You walk down a hallway and find a dragon there [order? i have no idea but it doesnt really matter]. Here's the catch. Only 2 wizards can fight a dragon at a time and after each dragon, they switch out and you can only fight twice in a row without switching. Once you get to the Pendragon, all 4 of you get to fight him [yay!]. Still death, health- 95,000. [A little more challenging ] Then you defeat him and his palace burns down and all thats left is rubble. [No one in Fraxor was brave enough to do this].

Merchant's Market: A plce where vendors are including a crafter dude and yes a pet vendor [woo!]. Also, a new house, which is a palace that looks like the King Fraxor's.

North Frax- A sinister place where the nuclear plants are. Morganthe's robots lurk there. Twisted Metal- rank 16 elite- 7,500 health, school-fire.
Lurkers- rank 17-death-8,000.

East Frax- A lovely place to relax by the beach [Also where zeke and the minigames are and the Sandmonster [not a villian] is there selling a giant sandcastle house recipe. Also where the pendragon palace is.

South Frax- The place people of Fraxor like to call, home. This is where all the 2 story houses are.

Mystery Buidling- Some people say an onld witch lives there, or is haunted by a ghost. A side dungeon at the end of south frax.

West Frax- The King's castle [palace] is there.

Further South Frax- Also part of south frax, is a bunch of destroyed houses and tons of monsters lurk there and also bosses.

The Science Labs- Close to North and East Frax [prolly north-east frax] where scientists like to do experiments on things. Also, i'd love to add a smaller building attached to the labs as another hatchery [cause it goes with the science labs]

Jun 30, 2008
Sorry, but I strongly disagree with you.

I want to say something that these Bosses are way too powerful because the cheats are outrageous. A storm wizard wouldn't survive one round with all these cheats even with someone else to assist them. And their health is way too high. 75000 would take WAY too long. And with all the cheats NO ONE would survive.

These are my opinions.

Jun 06, 2009
iissaaaacccc wrote:
I have... actually... thought of the world of Negative WizardCity and my dad told me that, that is not good because its just the same world turned to black and good guys you fight and bad guys who help you. So i am just saying what my dad said i... myself would enjoy your world ideas

ive always dreamed of something like this, and its not a bad idea!

unfortanately, with the prophecy, mirage and polaris are the final worlds in morganthe's loop. however, this could be a side world, like grizzelhiem was. i still think it's a pretty cool idea, but ki probably won't add it

just my thoughts, william deathhead

Aug 25, 2009
Dude...Marvin? Time machine? Robot Krok named Krokonomicon? The Krokonomicon is a relic. I appreciate the time and effort gone into this idea and the Anti worlds are a kind of cool idea, it's a little far-fetched.