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the world is ending dungeon

May 31, 2009
(i dont care if i spelled it wrong) but i was just listening to till the world ends by britney spears and i had an idea about a dungeon about the world ending. so it would be a place in dragonspyre and merle ambrose asks you to come to his aid for something and tells you of a place and tells you a new part of your map has appeared when you get to dragonspyre open you map and there will be a new a new part of the labyrinth.when you get there you see a wall with symbols on it and there is a bunch of tents and ther will be something floating on a fire with people around it then you go over to it and it is actually a guy in armor with a wrap of bandages on the guys headand you hear him say "Are town in dragonspyre is going to be destroyed by the lord of doom ( death rank 9 and has a life minion called sun vampire) and you need to get to him and and deafeat him (the middle part is up to wizard101 if they want to make it) and once you get there you get a colored gem (main secondary school color) and you need to give it to merele for an ameulet that gives you your secondary school's level 55 spell like im myth\balance i would get the spell ra.go on you tube to find out every level 55 spell,you get this quest at level58. all in all you should get at least 14,500 expeirence points.thanks for reading! please reply