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"The hat"

Jun 01, 2009
Well I was just thinking of a way to go faster, and it came to me- the speed hat! There could be 2 speed hats, like the 2 different pairs of speed boots. They could be in the crown shop, like the speed boots, but also be able to be bought with gold. They could have same stats as the boots, just in hat form.
Hermes's Winged Helm- 8% speed, white wings on helmet
Aeolus's Helmet of Wind- 4% speed, Wispy wings that look like cirrus clouds on helmet
-Was kind of in greek mythology mode ... oh well.
So, what do you guys think? :D

-Jasmine Owltalon, level 92 myth/ Jasmine Darksword, level 82 storm
Believe, and try hard, and success will be yours

Dec 05, 2012
I think that going faster wouldn't be the best, but it would be cool to have a hat with like one of those spinning things on top that would at least make you float and it would be cool if there were boots that had spinning things on them.

Sep 02, 2012
Sounds good. Only it would need to be a lot of coins if it were to make you faster. I like the names of the hats.

Jan 03, 2013
Or better yet instead when stitching the boots to another boot it will gain the stats and! the speed increase. I figured they'd do that by now but they haven't.

Kane Deathbringer Lvl 95 Death
Kane Thunderbringer Lvl 48 Storm

Mar 19, 2011
Cool idea. I am not sure we need it with the boots already there but it makes sense. On top of that maybe a new robe that helps you hold more items since I'm guessing that's where your backpack would go.