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The Commons House

Mar 08, 2009
The commons as a house would be awesome! Of course it would be like the highest thing in the crowns shop because it would be a large house you would have to block the entrances to all the places like unicorn way pet pavallion ravenwood Etc. But, this would be cool like having your room in The headmasters office or the houses by the sidewalks could be opened so you can go in them.


Aug 26, 2011
Sounds great! you could even connect the road entrances to their respective roads. i'd get this house and i'd love to decorate it with the seasons!

Gabriel Ashcaller level 76 overlord

Dec 21, 2011
Nov 14, 2010
Kewl just like bundle house features gamma would be like the gorilla in sun palace genie and genie in sultan's palace the little tunnel entrance to nightside widened a litttle bit and turned into a battle dome fairgrounds has tents that you can put minigames inside of too houses (across the commons from the other) have walk through walls to a room with a ladder to narrow underground tunnel to each other only one house in commons that isn't one of those that you can go inside of