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The Color Grey

Apr 04, 2012
Hey fellow wizards,

So you know how the silver and white colors in the dye shop are practically the same? Whats the point in that? I think it would be great if there was a true silver or grey color, darker than the silver thats in the dye shop presently.

What do ya think?

Keiran SandTalon Lvl 62
Aaron WillowSong Lvl 12

Aug 20, 2011
Silver looks like a slightly dirty white on my screen. I can't tell the two apart in a crowd of wizards though.

Yeah, I'd like grey. I'd also like pink for boys and brown for girls. However, as previous discussions have noted, it might be notoriously difficult at this late stage in the game's development to make changes to the old color palette.

Sep 17, 2012
Or you could set your contrast settings so that you could see the actual difference. It's a very clear difference. One is white, one is a silvery grey.