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Text and open chat

Feb 03, 2012
There should be a group of people/volunteers who keep track of wizard's birthdays so when they turn 18, they are able to use open chat (of course with all the other requirements such as purchases of crowns/membership). I recently had a couple friends who had signed up when they were younger complain about not being able to use open chat because KI doesn't record your birthday. Open chat is a necessity because text chat is limited to so many things and it gets frustrating sounding out different words because it's marked in open chat.

May 17, 2009
I totally agree! Like i started wayyyy bak in the day and i still don't have open chat! Like i'm bummed out because i wish i had more control over what i can and can't say.

Feb 02, 2009
I agree. I tried to ask them if I could upgrade to Open Chat and they said your account has to be set to where it shows you're 18 (birthdate) and also have a credit card on file/account.

I have a separate issue with this where I cannot get Open Chat even though I am 18 and have gotten crowns/memberships via credit cards.