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Jun 01, 2008
Some seasoned adventurers have heard about what happened to the School of Death - its "drop" from Ravenwood into the scary depths of Nightside. Some young wizards have even been tempted with quests to travel through Nightside to help search out the mythical creature known as Grubb, in order to help poor Marla get a decent grade from crabby old Professor Drake.

Beware. This is not a task for the faint of heart. Heed Marla's advice when she tells you not to go alone!

As a relatively young Journeyman, I decided to help Marla with her paper, being a fairly decent student myself. My first venture into Nightside as a lone, wandering wizard ended abruptly when I was accosted by three rude old women who literally kidnapped me off the sidewalk, beat me senseless and sent me home to mommy. I tended my wounds and promptly tried again, with the same result.

"So this is how it's going to be here," I thought.

Fellow Journeyman Tara Windwalker lent me some assistance with my next excursion into this notoriously hazardous neighborhood. Together we were able to at least beat back the first wave of "bag ladies," even though we seemed unable to avoid them altogether. The task still proved too ambitious for my abilities, however. Even with the assistance of my devoted comrade, I could not seem to get past the second gate in my search for proof of the existence of Grubb.

I nearly gave up. I left Nightside for a long time. Often, I sat wishing for a way to absolve myself from the promise to assist my friend Marla with her research, but I was constantly reminded of it (thanks to the nagging Quest Log).

Then, one evening while my friend Keller Mythgiver was out and about in the Commons, he ran across a wizard wearing a badge neither of us had ever seen before... a wizard who was asking questions about Grubb. Knowing my previous interest in the myth, Keller ran back to tell me. I made my way to the Commons and was introduced to Tabitha Deathbringer, a necromancer wearing the badge of Master Diplomat. I was cleverly disguised as a mere Hero of Unicorn Way.

"Let's see what this wizard is made of," I muttered, as I agreed to accompany Tabitha back to Nightside. I never told her I was a Sorcerer - an Adept of the School of Balance, with nearly equal powers from the realm of Storm. Still, even having attained the 23rd degree of my School, my previous experiences in Nightshade had me doubting if we were up to the challenge. "Master Diplomat? What sort of badge is that? Does she argue people to death?" We would see...

True to my expectations, the old women of Nightside were as aggressive as ever, grabbing Tabitha, who'd scarcely made it inside the gate. I thought for a second that I might try to make a clean getaway if the Banshees were focused on her, but in the end, I am made of sterner stuff - I turned and fought side by side with my newly acquired companion. Besides, I knew there were more banshees where these had come from and I didn't want to face them on my own.

Tabitha's prowess as a Necromancer was impressive. She had honed her skills well, and even though most of the enemies we faced were resistant to her magic, she was able to use some cunning tricks to enable our success. Once, she even sacrificed a portion of her own life force to keep me going on the battlefield long enough to summon a tempest wave to finally banish the worst of the banshees.

After several skirmishes in the street, we were finally standing on the checkerboard floor that marks the entrance to Grubb's Tower. He did exist! And he had friends. By the time we arrived at this destination, though, Tabitha and I had fought six or seven times together and had a good idea of each other's capabilities. We fought in tandem and made short work of Grubb, eventually subduing him and his cronies with a combination of life-draining necromancy, widespread sandstorms, and for dramatics, summoning the Kraken to our aid when Grubb had only 19 life points left.

Even victors must maintain their sense of humor.

Jun 29, 2008
my best adventure is when i went to marleybone for the first time and then helped my friend beat timmy icepick it was the best!!!! i'm level 20 and i'm travis swifthistle. My best friends names are luke battlespear,lindsey and sabrina life crafter!!!i can't wait to get to mooshu if you ask me you should let every wizard go to mooshu for one day only!

Jun 01, 2008
I am level 11 Pyromancer. I am a senior citizen and have been playing for past 3 weeks. I find Wizard 101 quite intersting and challenging. But now I am stuck with the quest to defeat Iron Golem. My deck has 3Sunbird,3Snow serpent,3Pixie and 2 Firecat which are insufficent to defeat all the 4 level
(stairs) opponents. I got defeated 6 times and I am now dejected and lost
interest in continuing the game further. Most of my powers are not available
in the combats.


Jul 06, 2008
all i can say is that this game is great ecsiting and i recomend it for adults children even teenagers if they got the time. p.s i love this game and think its awesome and funny

Jul 05, 2008
every time i get on it want let me play its says loading and then it says its disconnted and its say try agian or ouit i try agian it does same thing

Jul 01, 2008

The story of James Sungem!

I started of in my beautiful world but then my Headmaster summoned me to wizard city to defeat the Evil Malistaire . But I needed to train and develop my magic powers as an Ice wizard and learn to summon great and powerful beasts! First I had to talk the the advisor and Gamma the Owl. Then I had to defeat a puppet wizard to test my skills. I have now sense defeated multiple monsters from little tiny Sprites and Fairies to giant beasts that are to evil to name and to the mummies and kings of ancient Krokotopia . I have now learned to summon Evil Snowmans to Pixie to heal me in battle and in combat. It has been rough and I have been defeated multiple times. So this is my story. YAAAA!! :D :D :D

Jul 12, 2008
The story of Wizard City:

Wizard City was founded by Merle when he discovered the Grandfather Tree. Years later the death school and it's profeser, Mailstaire, dissapered.
Meanwhile a person named Aaron Dragonstaff was becoming of 10 on a planet called Earth. The planet doesn't believe in magic! Aaron was pulled into Wizard City and became a Pyromancer. Will he stop an unknown threat? Or will he fail in the proses? We will have to find out.

Jun 14, 2008
nice story meat me at golem tower today at 1:00 8)
gotgot233 wrote:
The Story of Andrew Skull Shade, Ice Wizard of The Valleys!

Behold, the Untouches of a Legend. A Legend that has not been told before, Here I tell you, a Story of a lifetime!!

Beyond the Valleys, a World was known, Of Wizards and magical Forests. Beauty flowed on as normal but As Rumers came, Evil Departed throughout the valleys.

My Wizard was born, His name was Andrew Skull Shade, funny name. I talked to NPCs for the Tutorial and they were nice Folks. I had to fight a dummy, for training. It was real fun, I Went to Golem Tower. It was dark and scary. Thats where i fought. After i completed my first Quest, i headed to Raven School where i had to Find someone located in here. It was hard finding her, i met some people on my way. I said "Hi" He said hi back and he had a pet dragon. Wow!!! I thought. It was sweet, and he was a nice person.
I traveled through many places and Unknown Forests. I had to defeat a Evil Threat that was happening. I got level 2 and gained a new Wand. It was cool. And i got some more Spells added to my precious deck. :p
Logged Off

The next day, I logged in.
Today was a new Day of Fighting. I completed so many Adventures and made a friend named Johnny. He was a good Friend and We trained together in some unforgoten places. It was real fun. This is the best mmorpg ever, i thought to myself in real life.

Andrew Skull Shade----Greatest Ice Wizard Ever Known!

Jun 14, 2008
this is a story about colin firesmith. at first i was having a little trouble :?then i started some quest fallowed what it said to do and learned how to play. so know i am lvl 6 and a hero of unicorn way . and i have lots of friends. im on every day :-). my favorite thing to do is finish quest, snd i like to make friends.

Jul 22, 2008
It is the best game i have ever played in my online gaming life. It is just so AWSOME I am trying to get my friends to join also so more people can play. I like to venture in the places you can go to.

Jul 07, 2008

Never again, Sarai thought, leaving the Sunken City for the last time, safely. I don't care who needs help, I don't care who's in there. Never again.

Sarai had just spent the last four hours alone with newly acquainted friend John (I don't use their last names unless they feel like it-I don't want anyone to be identified if they don't want to), occasionally being visited by Chase Myth (who is now someone else). She remembered all of her friends sending her private messages, asking her if she was out of the Sunken City yet so she could help them. She knew why-it wasn't like her to do something like that for 4 hours out of the day. But usually Sarai had a very..."let's get things done" attitude.

The first part of the street alone, even with the help that left after one round made it difficult. She had enough mana to last her so many battles, that she didn't actually get a potion until after she was through the second gate (there
are wisps in the Sunken City, you know).

Originally, she was being sucked into every battle in existance on the streets, eventually fleeing every one, going to get a potion. When she was getting potions, she eventually thought,
Why? Why am I crazy, and attempted this crazy-difficult city only as a Journeyman Conjurer. She sighed again, even though she was finally running towards Grubbs, who she knew had to exist anyway.

She knew her word for it would never do for Cyrus Drake.

Myth wasn't
bad magic, in fact, she thought it was the best kind. She may be a bit prejudiced, but she had tried Storm, Death, and Fire, but none of them had quite the power. Her best friends ended up being Life theurgists and Death necromancers (although Chase Myth used to be a Myth conjurer), and she had seen some amazing spells. But instead of just power, myth had power and strength, unlike Storm diviners, who had tons of power, but so little health.

But Cyrus Drake had a problem with her.

Cyrus Drake had a problem with
everyone pretty much, so she didn't really complain, but he was always muttering things like "wannabe myth conjurer" under his breath whenever she was around. Sometimes, this made her laugh. Like when Nolan of Cyclops Lane (forgive me, I have forgotten a preset character's name) had asked her to go talk to Cyrus for her. He had written a note to expel her.

She had laughed out loud after she left the Headmaster's Office.

Moving back onto the Sunken City, she had to battle Grubbs
twice, which seemed completely unfair, as she had been defeated before Grubbs was finished off. The best part of being ripped off and having to do it again was that she finally got to see her friend's best card-the Helephant.

All in all, it was a good experience. Still, until she was some sort of Master, she would stand by her vow...
Never again.

A big thanks to anyone who helped me in this area, especially to John (I rarely see you on anymore, sorry if that isn't your name) and to close friends (just because I want to thank you) Chase, Steven, and Thomas, for being totally awesome.

EDIT: Yeah, I did get that name wrong. *sigh* I got your last name right in my head! Do I still get brownie points? But I edited it. So yay.

Jun 21, 2008
My travels in Wizard city has been great! I started as most, deciding on my robes and speaking with Headmaster Ambrose. When I first started the upperclassmen were mean ignoring my requests for help but I presevered and Headmaster Ambrose is very proud of me. As I get closer to finding out about Malastaires plans the challenges get tougher. I found a secret book and key that led to the missing death school and then I was giving another key that allowed me to to other worlds. My adventures have been great and since I remember the meaness of some but not all upperclassmen were mean to me so I try to help new and established students when I can.

Jul 12, 2008
Aaron woke this morning to find his dragon, Buddy on his face. "Bud, can you please get off?" said Aaron in a rather ruffled voice. Buddy got off swiftly, being a friendly and energetic dragon. "Can we please go to Kroktropia?" asked Buddy. "I don't know how to," replied Aaron. " I've only been there because I teleported to my friend. I also have to get dressed for class, you know. We have a test on the history of magic, and it is very important." Buddy nodded, and fell asleep. Test was a breeze. Came back to the dorm with a Treasure Card. Aaron read "Basic Wizarding and Proper Care of Familiers." He read it until the evening.

Jul 04, 2008
I like unicorn way because I like quests and unicorn way has alot of qust with are fun and hard :D :D :D :D 8) 8) 8) :P :P

Jun 01, 2008
2 minutes to go..... 1 minute to go...... 30 seconds ........ 20 seconds .............. 10...9......8........7.......6......5.....4....3...2......1!!!!!!!

I am all ready to go and play the greatest MMORPG of all time! : Wizard 101!!

As the clock was ticking and I could see a slightly dark shade of orange in the sky , I went to work making my first wizard : Jacqueline DawnCaller .
Finally I finished making her ..... (Apparently I used to have another wizard so the Tutorial was quite easy for so I will skip it) Once I finished the tutorial and met all the Professors (and the Death student who told me that The Death School somehow , Disappeared) I was told to go back to Merle Ambrose so he would give me this other quest , to find a person in Unicorn Way , It seemed difficult at first but I go used to it . Once I finished ALL of the quests in Unicorn Way (got the Hero of Unicorn Way Badge ) and I was able to go to Firecat Alley , Triton Avenue and Cyclops Lane in Olde Town , I had some fun (by killing monsters I could kill in Unicorn Way easily) and met a friend called David BoomFlame (obviously he was a pyromancer) , he helped me finished all the quests in Triton Avenue. I was really fun battling all the Bosses with him until I had to logg off , I said good bye to David and..... Disappeared.

Logged Off

Day 2
I was lucky to see that David BoomFlame was on before me , I wanted him to help me finish all the quests in Firecat Alley (he told me that he had already finished it) and he agreed that he would help me . Finished Firecat Alley check Finished Triton Avenue check , now all left was Cyclops Alley , I was not sure David had done Cyclops Lane , so I did not bother to tell him , And went off to use my free time to kill rank 1 monsters in Unicorn Way . While I was there , I met a someone called Gabrielle Breeze , she looked like a high leveled Wizard/Witch so I asked her if she could help me with Cyclops lane and she agreed to help me and became the friend , she helped me with some of it and I am still on it .... growing stronger and stronger, day by day....


Jun 25, 2008
My time at Wizard101 has been the best time of my life!
When I sined up for months ago and found out I had to wait so long I was shocked.
Looks like it was worth the wait!

Jun 01, 2008
A unique opening of Jacqueline DawnCaller`s story....

"Humph" Jacqueline mumbled in her sleep as a `creature` sat on her hip , it`s claws dug into her Wizard robes , which created a painful awakening.
"AARRGGGHHHH!" screeched Jacqueline shrilly , to find an owl wearing a purple graduating hat and cloak on her lap.
"Merle! She`s awake" said the owl in a low voice , It`s humungous eyes looking at Jacqueline curiously.
The owl after a few minutes , examining Jacqueline, flew swiftly to a old man.
"This certain man looks so familiar" thought Jacqueline .
"Ah , you have woken up," murmured the Old Man , who was looking longingly into a orb full of mist.
"Obviously," added the owl.
"Yes,yes , nice to meet you , I am the headmaster of Ravenwood , feel free to call me by my name : Merle Ambrose" said Merle.
Jacqueline bowed stupidly , still not knowing where she was.
Merle Ambrose continued :
"Welcome , to wizard city! said Merle coolly , the owl began to examine Jacqueline again , "you are on of the many to be accepted to this `new` world ."
"Cut to the chase , Ambrose ," snapped the owl still looking at Jacqueline.
"Stop squabbling , " said Merle uncomfortably , "Jacqueline you are a WIZARD."
Jacqueline`s heart lept uncontrollably ,
" A wizard how is this possible?? thought Jacqueline , " no , this must be a dream....."
Jacqueline looked down , she gasped.
At her feet (where there was suppose to be school shoes) she was wearing black leather boots with a nice strip of orange at the sides.
She was also wearing light brownish robes with the same shade of orange on the brim with a handy pouch at the front.She was wearing on her head , a light brown pointy..... wizard`s hat. She searched in her pouch to find three indentical cards with a giant "beetle" on it and right at the top she could see a a word written in a weird language but somehow she could read it : "Scarab " it said , Jacqueline looked curiously at the three cards for a while , then put them back into the pouch and restarted scavenging in the pocket. After 30 seconds she pulled out a long thin piece of "wood" . She could not believe her eyes , it was a wand .

Aug 04, 2008
My best friends are
wolf Blood
Maria Waterbreeze
Wolf Griffin

My favorit place is world 2!
I can get a lot of gold and I am having a hard time finding the petshop in world 2.

My 2nd favorit place is the library because i can get a really good card and not pay!

I also help my friend Maria Waterbreeze and Wolf Griffin on their quests.

I have been on this game for 4 days and I am on a roll.

The hardest part onthe game was beating The Golem Tower and all the Bosses! I had help on those quests by other people.
Oh Ya that leads me to: THANKS FOR HELPING ME!

THe creators worked a long time on this game so I have to say this to them:

I know you worked a long time on the graphics from starting from a flat graph to something realistic.

I would reccomend this game to everyone that thrives for adventure and magic games because when you start playing the game it feels like your there.

I hope you all have a good time on the game:

I'm Richard Stormblood on the game and that is all I have to say.
Thanks for reading this.

Jul 30, 2008
wizard 101
such a wonderful, unique name. The day my friend showed me this game is the day i got hooked on it. Between learning new spells, fighting monsters and trading treasure cards,i can play minigames, duel my friends or do a little shopping.

Ok so back to the day i learned about wizard 101.
My friend came over for the day, and showed me wizard 101. i thought it would be another boring internet game, but was i wrong. i played it so much the next time my friend came over, i was a higher level then him! and he had been playing for about three weeks before me.

The most fun thing about wizard 101 is fighting monsters and doing quests, becouse you never know what you will get as a reward. the clothes, swords wands and staffs, cards, treasure cards, gold and xp. I also even fight bosses over again for two reasons: to get items, and to help friends who need help fighting that boss.

Wizard 101 is such a great game i recommend it to everyone! its child friendly but fun for adults too! its just a all around great game. :) :) :)

Jul 05, 2008
A cool rpg named wizard 101 i found.
i loged in and i bacame a fire wizard.
the first day of play was realy fun.
i met mr.lincoln and the headmaster .
i battled a dummy .
i met some friends.

i battled at the arena that day and i was defeated .
i completed some quests and battled strong monsters.
but they were no match for me .
i leveld up and i sayd enogh for today im tired i'll go to bed.
2 day
i got to the library .
i bot some cards and battled some monsters.
and at the end of the day i was level 4
3 day
level after level it flows realy fast.
batlle after battle .
defeat after defeat .
but finally i leveleld to 9.
4 day
i needed some help for a tuff quest .
:) :-) :D
finally someone that wanted to help .
i cant remember his name but all well.
i leveled to the tuff level 10.

thats my adventure for now ill continue playing.

brandon emerald hamer

Jul 05, 2008
Aug 09, 2008
Alas, so many worlds to explore,so many ways to open new doors, but that is not the story here today..... I'm here to tell you one of my stories.

My quest began when I first got my first speacial skill as an Ice Wizard.....

On that day I was doing quests, and leveling up so fast I could have made people do this Anyway, I was leveling up when I get a message from my proffesor ( Lydia GreyRose) telling me to come to here when I had the time, so I went as fast as I could. When I got there she told me to fill a vial with water and to take it to the Magical Ice Tree (Bernie) so I did. As I was talking to Bernie, he told me to go to a cliff in The Shopping District,and speak the magical words. Befor I did though, he all of the sudden froze the vial into a hard as diamond ice!!! He then said, "Now go! You will know what to do when you get there." So I did.....

When I got there, I felt a very cool suspicious breeze on my shoulder....

I then spoke the words....

Then out of no where, the Magical Ice Viking appeared! He then took the vial of ice and I got my first speacial class card......... The End

From Alexandria IceBlossom....... Now a Master Diplomat in Ice Magic

Aug 11, 2008
(Some parts of the story aren't true, as in the mummy appearing out of nowhere and the scream, I didn't see it on Day 2 though. On day 3 or 4. Just trying to express the story. Oh, and same with Krokotopia, I visited it for the first time on the 3rd or 4th day of playing Wizard 101.)

-Day #1-

I was clueless, absolutely clueless. "Where am I?" asked Tiffany Spiritsword. I didn't know where I was and Merle Ambrose appeared with his pet owl, Gamma, "A-ha! The spell is working! Look Gamma! Finally we have found one!" "Whoooo?!" asked Gamma. "A young wizard! A student with amazing potential . . . enough, perhaps, to save Wizard City!" said Headmaster Ambrose. "Oh really? Where?" Gamma questioned. Headmaster Ambrose replied, "A very, very distance realm . . . My goodness! On a world that does not even believe in magic! I wonder what manner of wizard they might become. Perhaps we should consult the Book of Secrets . . ." The Headmaster turned to regard me intently, and said to me, "Answer these questions to find out what type of Wizard you are . . ." That was when I, Tiffany Spiritsword, had my journey full of adventures and found out that I was a wizard, I was a Sorcerer (Balance Wizard). Then when I found out, couldn't believe my eyes, was she really a Sorcerer? Yes, I was really a sorcerer, I had a bunch of quests to do. I didn't know why and where I was, but it seemed cool. I traveled through time and day, went in search for some quests. I partially, oh wait, practically, had to run back and forth, back and forth. Didn't know where I was and that's how it all started...

-Day #2-

Once I got used to it, I made a couple friends. I didn't know who they were, but I got the hang of doing everything exciting in this Wizard City. I was horrified with the creepy things, but I keep saying to myself, "Don't worry. I have friends and this is just monsters. They're not zombies." Then suddenly I screamed to death, boom, there was a mummy. It appeared out of nowhere right in front of me. I was shocked to see that it didn't battle me, so I ran off. When I checked the map, it said I was in Krokotopia. Where was THAT? I heard someone say they wanted to find someone named Krokopatra. Cleopatra? No no, couldn't be the remake of her, or was it? The ruler of Krokotopia I suppose? When I was outside of Krokotopia, I saw a desert island.

-Skipping all the way to Day #5-

That was when my sister was now a Wizard. Tara Spiritsword. We looked alike, because Tara wanted to wear the same thing as me. With the same HAIRSTYLE. Except, she had White-yellow shoes with Icy blue trims instead of Icy blue shoes with White-yellow trims. Tara was an Ice Wizard though, we can't work together on a lot of quests. We both had Icy blue cloaks and hats with White-yellow trims, and long black hair put down. She wanted to run along with me, but I denied because I had Fire Magic Class first. I couldn't let her go to class with me because she had her Ice Magic Class. I told her, "Sorry Tara. Can't bring you to class with me, you have your class too." She was not sad nor angry, "Oh ok. I'm off to class then, have fun with Fire! Tell me if it's fun or not and I'll tell about Ice." I accepted the deal, although, I did know about Ice Magic, I wanted to let her express it out herself. So we went to our classes and greeted Professor Falmea. Then when I was done with my Fire Magic Class, I had to go to my Myth Magic Class. When I ran to get a refilled potion, I stumbled into Minigames Faireground. Then when I ran off, I bumped into my Balance Professor! "Ouch, sorry Professor Wethersfield." "My what a sight, Tiffany. I have a new spell for you to learn," replied Professor Wethersfield, or Author Wethersfield. As I ran to class after learning the new spell, I was nearly late. I bursted in and fell flat with my wand flying, and my book being caught by Professor Drake. He wasn't angry, in fact, he smiled that I came before being late. I brushed my cloak, and grasped my wand and book. After that, I was embarrassed, but I got over it with a snap of a finger, and sat down. When Myth Magic Class was over, I said bye to the other students and left to Life Magic Class. I went to Girls Dormitory and grasped a few stuff of mine. Then I left for class. I tripped on a bump (not again!) and fell flat on my face. Professor Wu laughed and helped me up. I learnt a few more spells from Fire, Myth, and Life, and Balance so far. It was lunch time, and I went into Girls Dormitory again to eat lunch. I was satisfied with having a good lunch. When I went to Ice Magic Class, Tara already left to do some quests as an assignment from Professor Greyrose. The Professor of Ice, and good thing, I didn't trip or fall this time. Professor Greyrose would have to cast a spell to help me up. I learnt a couple more spells from Ice. Then I had to go to Storm Magic Class. Boy, running around to class is tiring. Professor Balestrom was on top of his desk, and when I entered, he greeted the class. I sat down next to my friend. I was on the right seat of the left side of the class, and in the front row. Last but not least, I learned a few spells from a student of the Death Magic Professor. I didn't get to meet him yet. Morlorn Ashthorn taught a few students in Ravenwood Death spells. I was so tired from running around, that I went to Girls Dormitory and slept. Not doing quests until 2 hours later.

Aug 13, 2008
one day I was teleporting to a friend and suddenly i joined a battle.
There were dead pirates, and faries. i used my fire cat and owned the pirate. It wasn't easy. but for my first fight i did good . i traveled to unicorn way when it was blocked, so i just walked away into the shopping district, :P. hehe. I couldnt buyanything so thats how it ends!!!!!! :D :-) :) :P

Jul 27, 2008
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
Tell us about your adventures in Wizard 101. You've met some fun and interesting people, and you've seen far off places. You are on your way to becoming a great wizard, so tell us about it.

The best stories will be featured in our newsletter and could win a special treasure card!

Log in and reply to this thread with your story and keep an eye out for the newsletter to see if yours is selected!