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Tell us about your travels in Wizard 101!

Dec 23, 2008
A long long time ago in a distant realm on the other side of the universe a totally different world was partaking in the pleasure of magics such as sorcery.One wizard Chris Deathcrafter was showing a particular interest in the dark magic of evil,scary death.His teacher and master's wife was dying from a sickness caused when his teacher's assistant accidentally spilled some chemicals.His teacher was furous at his assistant and so he left the magic of death and was feared by all.Chris had rememberedit all when he was but a novice necromancer.Chris was shunned by all the wizards for taking in part of what they called evil.The life wizards feared and disliked him, but that didn't bother him because he wasn't fond of them either.As Chris took so for in death magic he learned and harnessed the power of death magic, he was known by all and he was considered to be a master of death.Chris thought it would be fun to drop by his teacher's old assistant to see if their were any new spells, but their were not any spells.As he carried on his death magic he passed it down to his son and so for and death magic is now one of the most popular magics today.

Dec 20, 2008
behold, there's prospecter zeke in dragonspyre with nothng to purchase with crowns!javascript:emoticon(':(');

Oct 25, 2008
Today I beat the big bad Malstiere and recieved his coat which is only for fire, but it gives you helephant!

Dec 16, 2008
hi im multiplayer238 and my story is pretty weird. i am a level 30 death wizard and i have been almost every place in the game.??§ I love wizards101 my friends said its not cool but i like it. any way i am helping my friend defeat malistar and he is reaily hard i heard thats how you get the name 'savior of the spiral'. well if u see me i hope we can be good friends.

sinseraly: multiplayer238

Jan 15, 2009
A story about my adventures in a world of magic? Heh where to start?

My character was born after about five minutes looking at all the options and not miss anything that looked really good to me. I decided to name my character John LightBringer and was assigned to the life school. I completed the tutorial with ease. I had never seen a computer game this detailed after all those years of wasting my life away playing other computer games.
Anyway now for my adventures. I have meet many people and made many friends. One day I met a girl and her bother who would soon prove to be my best friends in the entire game. Vanessa and Michael Flame are their names my very best friends. Michael is also a life wizard like me, as for Vanessa she is a ice wizard. We make quite a deadly combo in battle. Michael is a much higher level then me, He is level 46, Vanessa is a lower level then me, she is level 26. Then comes me, the middle man, level 33.
Me and Vanessa are on our own most the time in Krokotopia and Marlybone. Michael is off in Dragonspyre most of the time. We have fought many enemies kroks, cats, rats, cyclops, and spiders. Our decks keep growing and we gain more power to help each other out. Knowing the world will fall into chaos if we don't stop Malistare we fight to protect the world.
I will tell you the story of our hardest battle. This battle goes back to when my level was in the high twenties While exploring the tombs in Krokotopia I did a quest and when I got to the boss I realized I had forgotten to poison the food! So I was outnumbered five to one. Quickly looking at my friends list I called for help from Vanessa. She teleported to me at once. We couldn't get any hits in without having to heal every other turn. Then Michael came and ,using his sword, sliced the Kroks. Now we had a fighting chance! I used Natures Fury on the Kroks and healed anyone when needed. Vanessa used her ice spells and Michael used a Barrage of fire spells. With the Kroks slayed we were victorious in our battle.
Now going into Chelsea Court and the Ironworks I hope to gain new power meet new people and find new things. This game has been more fun then any MMORPG I have ever played. I love this game so much that when I found out free users game pretty much ends after Triton Avenue I subscribed right away. With all my adventures and friends in mind we will push forward and stop Malistare and his evil plans.

Oct 14, 2008
I smiled at the wind and sparkles of light touched my face as i ran after my friend Julia in ravenwood.
I stopped to take a break and Julia came running toward me- "Mary!" "Look at this!"
We ran to the world tree and went inside it- we opened a door and BOOM! we were at marleybone.
we looked around in wonder... "I cant beleive we did it!" I exclaimed in wonder.
Julia and I ran out of the building.
Then we saw it- dogs, dressed in dresses and suits and cars and all that city stuff.
"WOW" we both said out loud.
We explored of course- the wonderful adventures we do!
Suddenly Julia gasped- we were on a flying boat being driven by a DOG!
Julia and me screamed in fright, it wasn't long until we were on a roof.
We were confused and exited!
We looked around and decided it would be best to ask someone where we were by the look of those robbers.
"Hello?" I asked a pretty dog in a dress, "we just came off that flying boat thing-I pointed my thumb backwards to the flying boat thing- "and were wondering where we are".
"Can you help us?" Asked Julia.
"Sure can little ones" She said with a twinkle in her eye- this is Hyde park!
"Oh" Julia said, "i knew that".
We both laughed, but the kind dog didn't.
"Are you two supposed to be here?" She asked.
"We dont know" we said at the same time.
"Well the mayor will!" She said happily.
She told us to get back on the train and told us where the mayor was, we all said our "goodbyes" and left.
Julia and I found the mayor and is now back in the town square- did i say IS? I meant to say WAS! Julia and me loved that adventure and decided to do another one! In Mushu......THE END! :D

Oct 14, 2008
My name is Mary Ravengem and i am going to tell you how i became what i am today- a wizard.
It was almost the end of summer- lucky me! I have to go to sixth grade i thought.
I put my cap over my ponytail, and I let air into my tank top.
"TIME FOR DINNER!" My mother yelled from the kitchen.
I went inside- i groaned, not broccoli AGAIN!
After dinner I went to sleep fastly- broccoli gets me get tired.
But i had a dream- not a dream but more of a vision.
I dreamed of a man with white hair and a long silver beard with a glass eye- it almost scared me!
Until i saw kindness in his other eye.
Look gamma!
We finally found one!
I woke up.
No! No! No!
I groaned as i got up to get dressed- then i looked at my bedside, its a letter!
I opened it- You have been accepted to ravenwood school of witchcraft and wizardry!
Then i was there- after much traveling and packing i was in the commons.
I am a very powerful character right now and i just got into mushu- i am level 32 and i still remember wanting so badly to reach lvl 10! :D

Dec 18, 2008
One day while traveling through the thick forest, I came across a massive tree. The patterns of the bark seemed to make a face - a face that was staring at me! But it was a comforthing stare, as if the tree was saying "You can trust me." I wandered closer to the tree without realizing it. Before I knew it my hands were pressed againts the soft bark, and the tree opened up! My natural curiosity led me and side, and what i saw shocked me, I was in a huge crystal ball! A man and a snowy white owl peered down at me and then the man spoke.

"Look Gamma! I think we've found the one. She must have the magic spark otherwise she could have never opened the Spiral Tree."

Right after he finished I was pulled into a strange realm, a cluttered office filled with stacks upon stacks of paper. I noticed to old man with the long white beard and monocle who had been staring at me.

"H-h-h-hello?" I said in a stammering voice "Where am I?"
"Don't be afraid young one," the man's voice was kind and gentle "You are at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Now come with me, we're going to see what kind of wizard you are." He asked me lots of questions and decided that I was a death wizard. I reported to class only to find that my school was a gaping chasm! The man, whose name I know knew was Merle Ambrose, gave me a letter and told me to take it to Unicorn Way - and fast! So that's how I spent my time there, training with a death student named Malorn Ashthorn and helping people along the way. I even mean one interesting fellow named Prospector Zeke. He told me stories of other worlds called Krokotopia, Marleybone, and Mooshu. Once or twice he mentioned somewhere called dragonspyre but he said that was just a legend. All of the peace stopped when Headmaster Amrose told me that there was trouble in Wizard City! I had to defeat a nasty old wraith named Lord Nightshade and his minions, it was the hardest battle I've ever faced! I stepped into the cave at the end of Triton Avenue where he lived. Echooo!! Using my most powerful spells I readily stepped into battle. It was a pretty even fight, ever attack I did he wuold counteract it, but in the end good overcame evil. It was then that I learned of Malistare's evil plot to take over the Spiral, and I knew that ot was my destiny to save Wizard City and every other world out there. I also knew that, good and bad to come, I could deal with it.

You may see me, Nicole Darkshard, wandering around the streets and farmland of MooShu, and if you do, remember that we're all fighting for the same cause.

Oct 17, 2008
Wow, that is my favorite story in the Creative Writing Section! I didn't know it was here first. By the way, I wrote the Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze there and I was about to post another story about Sierra here until I noticed that a lot of the ones here are also in the Creative Writing section... maybe I shouldn't post my mini story. I already have enough of my stories there. Or I guess I could...

Enough of that. Just wanted to say that I loved your story!

NarniaGigi wrote:
The Light In Destiny

All long time ago, when Wizard City was new and fresh the Headmaster was so happy of this New Land! He decided to call yound wizards to the schools, and teach them new things, Wizard City was a success! Until 50 years later.......

50 Years Later

A Big battle broke out, the Headmaster needed someone, a myth wizard, a ice, or fire, it didn't matter. So he looked into his Crystal Ball looking for someone bright, and smart and not scared of most things, then he found Destiny Light--- "But what's this? She's in a world where Wizards aren't real? I must see if she has powers to defeat the evil!" said the Headmaster.
Soon Destiny was there, confused, hadn't she just been eating an ice cream with her friends? And who's that old guy? Soon, Destiny listened to the Headmaster tell her what happened to Wizard City, she accepted and took her quiz- Myth was the answer. The Professor didn't like Destiny, and Destiny didn't liked him.
Destiny soon was just hanging out at the Library in the Commons when ever she could, but soon she heard a terrible scream. Soon she was at the Unicorn Way gate. "Didn't you hear that scream? Let me in!" she screamed at the guard, but he just said this "Only permission from the Head Master." Destiny started running-- She had to save that person with the scream!
After she got the permission she got inside, smiled at the guard like haha-I-got-in! Then ran off, the scream was inside a cage- A Fairy? she thought, the sweet fairy was turning mean, very mean. Soon the fairy
was a dark fairy! "All no!" said Destiny. Soon she helped out a Life Wizard and helped out the fairies, happy to help like always. :D

Then one day, when she woke up from her night sleep, she was no longer in her room. Where was she? She was in a dark, dark, cave. She couldnt believe her eyes! She was in a cage in a dark cave! "Let me out! Let me out!" she screamed. She checked her sack, no, her cards were gone. But then she saw them, atop a stool next to a big fire with a caludron over it.

"Help!!!!!!!" she screamed once more.
But then she saw a very tall man, and scary man.
"No one can get you out now, My Dear." he said.
"Now now, Destiny Light, let's be careful here or no more cards for you." said the man.
"Who are you? What you want with me!?" she screamed.
"I am classified. And I want your powers."
"YOU CAN'T HAVE THEM!" she screamed, Then, what still puzzles Famous Wizards today was that she started to glow, glow so bright, brighter than the sun! When the glow was over, she was back in her room with her cards in her hands.
She smiled, for she just relaized, she had more power than she realized! But, that light never happened again, she had one child, Katie Light.
After Katie Light was borned, Destiny disappeared, still not found to this very day.

And the family tree goes on, after Katie disappearing like her mom, with no light ever happening after her child was born. No one from her family was a wizard, for a very long time.
But now, at this very moment, her descendant, Destiny Light-named after her- is a wizard, back where every thing happened, What happened to Destiny Light's Great-Great-Grandma? No one knows, but Detsiny shall find out, but will Destiny find the first and great, Destiny Light?

And if you were wondering... the Destiny Light got in Myth like her
Great-Great-Grandma. Arent Family Trees Wonderful?

Oct 17, 2008
Hi, its me Sierra Winterbreeze, level 32 ice wizard. I already wrote part one and two (and three, I just haven't sent it in yet) to The Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze.
In my other post, I said I wasn't going to write anything here. But I can't help it. I love this! I decided I'd put something here too in hopes that I'll win something. So, I at least decided to change the name, though I'm not very creative with that sort of stuff...

Sierra Winterbreeze's Adventure

Rowan Willowleaf, Mark Darkcrafter, Sydney Jadehammer and I were all walking together in Marleybone. My friends had promised to help me with Katzenstein's Lab, which we were headed to.
I would have plenty of help with Mark and Rowan on my side, since Mark was in Dragonspyre and Rowan in Mooshu. But Sydney, being only an initiate, was stuck in Krokotopia, and begged us to let her come. Finally, after a lot of arguing, we allowed her to follow us.
Secretly, none of us wanted her along. Mark and Rowan had many grandmaster level 50 friends that could help us even more, but Sydney made it so no one else could come. It wasn't like we needed an initiate with us, but she had insisted.
So there we were, Sydney following us. As we were about to go into the Lab, Sydney said, "What's that?" We turned to look where she was pointing, and there we saw a great firebird - the powerful spell, Phoenix.
What was it doing here? All of us were gaping at it, until it suddenly said, in a voice raspy and weak, "Help me, young wizards. Malistaire is trying to control me. Before he finally gains control of me completely, help!"
I was still staring at it dumbfounded when Rowan came up to its side.
"Are you hurt?" she asked worried. "I can heal any wound, as long as its not too deep." Rowan was a life wizard, and she had helped with many skinned knees, and once a broken bone. But somehow I doubted that she would be able to heal something that Malistaire had made.
"No child, I'm hurting from the inside. Perhaps if you and your friends lend me some of your power, then I may be healed."
All of us wanted to help the Phoenix, except for Sydney. "You guys, that doesn't seem like a real Phoenix," she tried to say. Sydney was a pyromancer, so I guess we should have listened to her. But we didn't, so we all, but her, offered a tiny bit of our magic to the bird.
Unfortunately, I'll admit, I fell for the trick. At first everything was going fine, and we finished donating our magic. But soon we found out that we couldn't stop handing over our magic. The great Phoenix was stealing it from us!
Once I realized what was happening, I called out, "Sydney, help!"
Of course she was ready to leap into action. She had suspected the Phoenix from the begining, and she had been ready to protect us. But as quick as she was, the Phoenix was quicker. He stole our magic and disappeared into thin air.
As soon as he was gone, I took my wand and tried to draw the ice symbol in the air. Mark and Rowan were doing the same, trying to conjure up random spells. We even tried treasure cards, but nothing happened.
I groaned loudly. I felt as powerless as I had on Earth, so long ago. Of course, even then I could at least turn a swimming pool to ice or freeze another kid. Now I had nothing I could do. I couldn't take it, and I began to cry.
Sydney came over to comfort me. Meanwhile, Rowan and Mark were still desprately trying to make some kind of spell. They had always had magic, had always had control over it. I hadn't for so many years. They had lived here their entire life, but I hadn't. I knew it was too late.
And worse, now my only hope of ever getting out of Marleybone was gone. I wondered if I could even use the Spiral Chamber anymore. Plus, Katzenstein's Lab now rested on Sydney's shoulders!
Without magic, I couldn't level up. Was I stuck at level 32 forever? I hadn't learned Balefrost yet!
Now Mark and Rowan had given up. Rowan was also crying, but Mark refused to show his tears.
Sydney didn't know what to do. If only we had listened to her! I guess that's the problem; when you get to a really high level, you forget that lower levels are just as smart as you. They are no different. Sure, they know less magic, but what does that have to do with anything?
Now that all of us had gotten over the shock of losing our powers, we began to ponder over what the Phoenix had said to see if he had any clues to where he had gone.
"He mentioned Malistaire," I said. "Could he have gone to him?"
"Maybe," Mark agreed.
It was our closest guess, so we got ready to go to Malistaire's lair.
Unfortunately, without their powers Mark and Rowan were completely useless. I was used to going around without magic, but they weren't. They could hardly do anything without Sydney's or my help. How were we going to possibly get our powers back with a useless death wizard, life wizard, and a not as bad but still powerless ice wizard? The only other person we could get help from (since all of Rowan's and Mark's friends were busy, which is kind of sad because aren't their friend's powers more important than some stupid boss?) was Sydney.
We were doomed.
Sydney and I had tried to go alone at first. But when we told Rowan and Mark, they got really angry.
"But face it - without your powers you're completely useless!" I told them.
"No! I can, uh, slap them! And even though I can't heal anyone, I can still wack people with my wand," Rowan retorted.
"Yeah, and even if I can't steal their health anymore I am a grandmaster, you know. I've had tons of experience and sure, none of it was without magic, but I still can help a little," Mark said.
Sydney and I considered this for a long time before finally we agreed.
"Just don't slow us down," I said.
So we went off, ready for an adventure.


Yep, that was it. And this time I didn't have spell checker to fix my mistakes, so I hope I didn't mess anything up. So sorry if I did! Wow, that was surprisingly hard. I just love to write, and its really difficult to write a short story when your really tempted to write more. I decided I'd make this two parts (not like 6 like my real Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze) and finish it some other day when I have the time. Oh and...

luna0616 wrote:
I am a very powerful character right now and i just got into mushu- i am level 32 and i still remember wanting so badly to reach lvl 10!
Its kind of creepy because I am that exact same level today and I remember the exact same thing! I think level 9 is the hardest level to get up from. After that its easy. Nice story by the way.

Sep 16, 2008
Well, you might not of heard of it, but there is a story...
A story like no other...
...About the friendly Ian emeraldshard. He was the most friendly ice wizard. His friends' list filled up before he was even lvl. 25!
Infact, leveling up at the time he was at the krokosphinx was hard, but for good reason. This is time for him was known as "The Friendly Break".
This time was when he loved visiting his friends so much, that the only thing he would do was help his friends! He thought that he was getting to be a burden, with teleporting to his best friend, Alex Deathshade. Funny that Alex's main character was life, I think. But back to the point. We arent talking about Alex. So, Ian thought that he was a burden, and that if he trained more, then he could hlep his friends even more!! He was going to miss his friends. But after a while, he teleported to his friends once in a while. He was no longer a burden to his friends.

If he is on your friends list, plz, plz, PLZ contact me, since I am Ian Emeraldshard the great!

Oct 17, 2008
Hi, me again! I'm here to write part 2 of Sierra Winterbreeze's Adventure. Oh, and if it's really bad then feel free to tell me. I'm terrible at endings anyway.

Sierra Winterbreeze's Adventure - Part 2

We didn't really know where Malistaire was because he moved so often. So, with Merle Ambrose's help, we searched for him. Finally, we found him in Dragonspyre.

I wasn't planing on defeating him. No, I let the Grandmasters deal with that. But if it was a fight he wanted then it was a fight we'd give him. Or, more likely, it was a fight Sydney would give him. We had no magic.

We had to still figure out all the puzzles that Malistaire had put up before him though. It was really hard, with Sydney being to only one who could fight. So, instead of fighting the monsters, we had to trick them. After skipping many battles, we came to the room where there were two monsters that were guarding the door to Malistaire. Mark bribed them with just a little gold, and they stopped and let us pass.

As expected, Malistaire was inside waiting. "Give us back our powers, Malistaire." I said.

With a laugh, he said, "What do you want them for? You and you sister are only mere Maguses, with one Initiate and a Grandmaster for your companions. Do you seriously think I'd give up magic for nothing in return? The only way that I'll give them back to you is if you fight and defeat me. And that would never happen, even if you did have your powers!" He laughed again.

He had a point. I hadn't really expected him to just give up our magic for nothing in return. All I could do now was hope that one of my friends would come up with a plan.

Sydney stepped forward. "I'll fight you," she proclaimed.

"Sydney!" I screamed, but it was too late. The dueling circle had already appeared around the two of them. Maistaire didn't have a minion luckily, like he normally did for other wizards. I guess he hadn't had enough time to summmon one. So, on the first turn that he could, he used Animate to make his own minion.

Mark was so worried about Sydney that he tried to join the duel, but by some invisible force he was blown back.

"Only wizards with magic can join a dueling circle," Rowan explained sadly. Then she turned to Sydney. "Come on Sydney! You can do it!" she yelled encouragingly. She turned back to us. "Just tell me when it's over!" she cried.

Sydney was fighting hard, but it wasn't long before Malistaire had enough pips for a Wraith. "Hahaha, silly girl! This will teach you not to mess with the great Malistaire!" And with a flick of his wrist, he activated the death symbol and the wraith raised his hands to draw the life out of Sydney.

Sydney gasped but stood her ground. I was amazed at how brave she was. In her place I doubted I would have been able to stand there while you death was right in front of you.

And then, just like that, Sydney collaspsed to the ground. "Sydney! Nooooooo!" I shouted. I tried to run to her, but suddenly I felt like I was punched in the stomach. The same unseen force that had pushed Mark back did the same to me. "What's going on?" I wondered aloud. "The duel is over."

After Malistaire got his life from the wraith, he walked over to the limp Sydney. I couldn't watch. I turned away, but suddenly heard a sound like an enormous flame fluttering in the breeze-

And I turned around, and saw Malistaire on the ground, with Sydney standing over him! Yes, our Sydney, the same initiate who had just lost her life. What just happened?

The dueling circle dissappeared and Mark, Rowan, and I ran to her. "What just happened?" I asked.

"I was just pretending to be dead. Actually, I had 1 health left. With my remaining energy, I caught Malistaire off guard and hit him with a sunbird." She grinned broadly at us.

"Sydney," I said in admiration, "you just saved the Spiral!"

She looked embarrassed. "Yeah, I guess I did, didn't I." Then she looked at me. "But what about your powers? You still need them back!"

"Oh yeah!" I exclaimed. "Where do you think he hid them?"

It didn't take long to figure out. We heard a loud piercing cry of a phoenix ring out.

We followed the sound to find the same Phoenix who had taken our powers. Somehow, he was chained up. "Nooooo Master!" it cried out.

"Where did you put our magic," I demanded.

"I'll never tell you! Master told me not to tell anyone. He should have taken me into battle with him! I could have helped. I could have killed this worthless pyromancer!"

"Tell us now," Rowan said, "and we'll let you free from these chains."

"But Rowan," I began to protest, "won't he just steal our powers again?"

She just put a finger to her lips to signal to be quiet.

After a moment of hesitation, the phoenix agreed. "You promise to free me?" it asked.

"Cross my heart and hope to die," Rowan confirmed. But I saw something the phoenix didn't: crossed fingers behind her back.

The phoenix told us our magic was in a small bottle behind him. "I was supposed to attack anyone that tries to take it, but since you're freeing me I'll let you pass."

Rowan found the bottle. It looked like there were three different foggy clouds inside of it: blue, black, and green. When she opened it, the fogs separated into their colors abd whizzed around us. Soon the black one went inside of Mark, making him stumble back. The green and blue ones returned to Rowan and I.

Instantly Rowan and Mark's wands were out. They were casting all their favorite spells, releived to have their magic back.

"Ah-hem. I beleive you're forgetting something," said the phoenix.

"Hmm..." said Rowan. "I wonder what that could be. Certainly not anything important."

"My freedom! You promised!"

"It's called crosed fingers, genius."

"What! But-But-"

"See ya!" Rowan, Sydney, Mark, and I began to walk away.

The phoenix screamed so loud that it hurt our ears. "No one tricks me and gets away with it!" He tried to seize Mark, but Sydney turned and made the phoenix's firey feathers completely go out, reducing him to not even half his size.

"Ah! My beautiful feathers!" it screeched as we walked away.

Mark smiled at Sydney. "Thanks for saving me."

"No problem." Sydney smiled back. "I just can't wait to get home though. I wonder what Hunter is up to."

"Yeah, and our parents are probably worried, Rowan," I said.

"I need to get back home too," Mark said.

So we all said our goodbyes, and with our powers back in the right hands, went home.


See, I told you I was bad at endings! Sorry. That one was really long.

And yay, part 3 is up! And just yesterday I sent in part 4. Hope you guys like them! And this story too. You know, I was thinking about making Rowan's and my powers being switched, but I decided against it. I don't want to have to write another part. By the way, read the new story The Crystal Choronicles. My friend Seth Goldenblood wrote them, and he read them to me before submitting it. Its pretty good.

Dec 13, 2008
The Tale of Hunter Wildthorn

I am here today to tell you a story of a brave wizard named Hunter Wildthorn. My story begins on a normal day on earth. A boy named Hunter was walking down the street to school when he found some stick looking thing on the ground. So he picked it up and waved it around. Suddenly poof! He was teleported to some odd building. When he got up and looked around he noticed an owl and an old man. The old man said: Look Gama! We have found a young wizard! Hunter said: Who are you? The old man then said: Ah yes my name is Merle Ambrose I am the headmaster of the Ravenwood school of magical arts. Ok so this is some magical world of wizards? asked Hunter. Yes it is. Now it is time to ask you some questions to find out what type of wizard you are Hunter. said Merle Ambrose. So Hunter answered the questions and became a death wizard. Then Merle Ambrose said: Now Hunter it is time to find out your whole name. Your name is Hunter Wildthorn. That’s a cool name. said Hunter. Ok Hunter you better go to class now. You need to learn some death spells if you want to defeat Malistaire. Said Merle Ambrose. Malistaire? Who is he? asked Hunter. Well I guess I should tell you. said Merle Ambrose. Malistaire was the death professor here at Ravenwood along with his wife, Sylvia. He stormed out of Ravenwood when she caught a nasty cold and died. Before he left he blew the death school right off of Ravenwood and into nightside.
Well Hunter I should tell you who will be training you today. said Merle. Go find Malorn Ash thorn in Ravenwood. He will teach you. So Hunter went off to learn some spells. A few years later Hunter was ready for the ultimate battle between him and Malistaire. So he went off to fight him. When he found Malistaire he had 10,000 health! But Hunter was not afraid. He attacked Malistaire with lots of Wraiths, Vampires, Skeletal Pirates and Banshees until he was down. And now from this point on all the enemies who once served Malistaire now cringe in fear of Hunter Wildthorn every time he comes near them.
The End

Feb 10, 2009
well, about 2 nights ago me and a friend were bored so we just went in to a PVP mode and i said ill use triton so i put treasure card buffs and balance buffs because (i am a balance wizard) i use a lot of them, more then a lot, it took about, i dont know like 10-15 minutes then when i got all of them done i used my triton on him. after that i hit a 103527

Feb 18, 2009
My days in Wizard City...hmmm...well, it's hard to pin-point one but I do have some very interesting battles that I remember.

Sunken City
I remember foolishly thinking that I could level up high enough to beat this Instanced Level all by myself. I actually did great until I met the Five story tower. I have to admit that was a very nice touch. For those of you thinking that you can do this by yourself or are going to sit back and claim that you can, well more power to ya. I know how difficult it is and I usually make it a point to go and help others when I see they are asking for it. I am ever so grateful to the players that finally helped me. They will forever be in my debt and gratitude. I spent 4 weeks trying over and over again (not daily but close) to beat this level and failed every single time (mostly in that five story tower). It would take hours to try and I'd be defeated in the end. Not once did I make it through. Finally I broke down and went to the middle pond in Wizard City and BEGGED for help and finally someone was very very nice to help me. Two others came along once they found out that a group was going and we finished it from start to finish in 2 1/2 hours. That's even with 4 players playing. The person who helped me ended the battle with a brilliant Meteor Strike move that caused over 600pts per enemy. It was an inspiration and a site to see. The way she sat back in the shadows healing us and then WHAMMM delivered the killing blow to take down that Grubb and his minions. Each player contributed but her performance was magnificent. She to this day is still on my friends list and always willing to help when she can.

Which brings me to story number two...

I decided to call upon my friends help once more and low and behold Evelyn was willing to step forward but this time it was a battle that both of us needed. Talk about exciting. I had just finished all of Krokotopia except beating the queen so I was finally leveled up enough to help her out. My battling with Meteor Strikes and Phoenix's helped out the cause to no extent but her now Helephant moves and the new Stormzilla move she learned by having Storm school as a secondary.....WOW.....she was unstoppable.

Tomb of the Beguiler
The Tomb of the Beguiler has to be the hardest Instance Level I have ever seen in Wizard 101. It took us almost 4 hours to finally complete this from start to finish. The four of us left a mess in every room where we went. Austin, Evelyn, Shannon, and myself didn't leave a room unopened or a treasure box unturned. We scanned every inch of this area to fight, find, explore, and conquer every thing there is to do. It was brutal. I can't believe how very long it took us to finish this but the main thing is that we had so much fun doing it. The fact that you had to do what seemed like a 10 floor tower, granite you just went from tomb to tomb right in a row by going up the ramps, but still it was so long, I lost count how many times we went through those doors just to see that we were not at the final boss just yet. Finally after what seemed like 10 to 12 rooms, we FINALLY got to the end and wiped the floor with them all!!! WOO HOO!!!

I'd have to say that eventhough it is long and tiring at times....it is definitely worth the time. Great Job to the masterminds behind these nightmares. I personally believe that this should be the ONLY time one gets a pet as a drop. I feel that if you are willing to put that much time and effort into the game, you SHOULD get something extremely rewarding. But I guess that's what this game is all about right?

Well, I've written alot and I'm sure no one will read all of this but I figure it's worth a shot to get a "special treasure card".

See y'all in the Spiral,

Hunter SilverHeart

Oct 17, 2008
Hey, I read it all. :)

gnreno3 wrote:

...Well, I've written alot and I'm sure no one will read all of this but I figure it's worth a shot to get a "special treasure card"...

Jan 27, 2009
i have been wondering WHAT IS THE BEST SCHOOL TO BE :-D