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teleport animations?

Nov 26, 2012
The new teleport animations are a good idea, but as offered, aren't worth the crowns. You should (KI) have offered them as an option for the account, not the individual player. If you make every character purchase whichever animation is desired, and then not be able to transfer it, you make it less attractive. One should be able to purchase the animation as a potion, and then use it, at the very least. The best idea would be for the animations to be similar to equipment, to be used by a character, and stored on the account, for transfer, should one wish to purchase a different 'look' for a character, and pass along the current one.
I realize the teleport animation is difficult to code, and transferring it would be hard, but then again, it doesn't cost gold, it costs crowns. Crowns cost money, and so it should be worth what you pay, to get it. The new rainbow teleport would be nice, for several of the characters on my account, but I can subscribe for a year, less expensively. Would you rather have a subscribed player, or one with a nice teleport animation. That's a no brainer.