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Teaming Up

Jul 02, 2014
Hello, my name is Liam Light (Wizard name) and have some improvements for the team up option in the game.
As you know, you are given a chance to team up with people to fight a certain boss. The team up option is located on the bottom of the entering slide when you approach any type of four player sigial to fight bosses.
However, when a player selects your fight in the Team selection in Olde town ( Wizard city ), you are not able to see the full name of the player, or their level.
This is a big problem because these things determine how helpfull the player will be in combat.
There should be a filter where you can filter out people so you get the most out of the battle

Another problem is the location of teh Team selection board. There only one of them, and this creates a problem for the population of people who are near the board to select a team.
An improvment would be if there is a team selection borad every were in the spiral ( every world commons)
For example > Celestia - Celestia base camp > Avalon - Caliburn
This way there is more of a chhance for a person to select anothers team.
Tell me what you think, are these good improvements, do you have more improvements?
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