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Storm School Club

May 05, 2009
This eems to be a good idea so here I go.

Hello I am David IceTalon I was born and raised in a small shack that was constantly bombarded by hurricanes and tornados then one day while rebuilding the place I suddenly appeared in front of the Golem tower I was confused and scared but Ambrose and Gamma explained everything so proceeded to learn althought I had no idea what wasa going on soon after I was placed in the school of storm me and my friends faced many hardships and faced many monsters along the way I befriended a mini-Stormzilla who is currently well and growing, we continued our journey not knowing what lay ahead until we confronted Malistare after the fight I decided to settle down from the fighting and just spend some time with my pets but now that Clestia is opening soon(and a place like that suits me) I plan to start fighting once more.

Feb 22, 2009
Cowboy4234 wrote:
Hello, my name is Chris Legendmask, I am Grandmaster level 50. ^-^
If anybody have any questions about how to be an effective Storm wizard I will gladly help you. Here are some basic tips:

1. Always save up for strong spells and use as many wards/blades as you can.
2. If you don't kill but are close, do anything you can to kill him.
3. It helps to get a friend because storm is not good at soloing.
4. Always get elemental blades/traps
5. When your fighting a storm boss put a convert on FIRST thing.
6. When fighting a myth boss always kill FAST because they will put storm shields on. If you can put a Dissipate on the boss to keep him/her from using storm shield.

those are some points to give, not all of them. These are on the top of my head; and I don't want to give you all of the secrets ^-^

Chris Legendmask - lvl 50 grandmaster storm
Chris Deathcaller - lvl 22 death

Here are some of my points:
1. NEVER think you've won if the boss you're fighting is low on health. You have to keep your head throughout the battle, not go prancing around yelling "I won" while the boss powers up for a good spell.
2. When fighting ANY boss, make sure that you take them out with code SAD. Swift And Deadly.
3. When fighting storm boss, put the traps on FIRST, then the convert, so the traps are activated.
4. NEVER choose Myth as a secondary school if you're Storm. What do you think converts are for? I recommend either Death or Life because of the healing spells.

Dec 20, 2009
Ok may i share my knowledge I have gained through phylosphical study such as the greeks did.I will share three very important points I have gathered and researched.Through phylosphical study I have matured and found that the world is an endless drawing encrypted with knowledge and wizard 101 opened that peice that will make all of you progress past through the spiral.

1.Ah where do I start hmm...Ah ok hehe Magic has a flaw that can be fixed by using a secondary and/or third school.My friend Noah is an Ice.So he chose Fire as a second for awesome atack.But fire can be sheilded b two other schools giving a 1/3 chance of low atack.How do we fix such a predicament... By adding another school ding-dong.We add MYTH now you ask "Paleo how the heck does Grumpy Cyrus's school help?".Well young padawan [I love phrase-stealing ] Myths Earthquake and other spells take away shields and blades rendering them useless.So I have Enlightened your soul I have now enlighten the next two aspects fellow Diviners.

2.The next point is but how to create knowledge I have gathered so you may gain the upper-hand on even me."Knowledge is limited but Imagination i Endless".That saying means many things dozens actualy.One thing is Victory is assured with strategy but strategys are given wih Creativeness and free will.Another thing is that having fun instead of learning how to beat the ..... out of enemys is more important since this ways you will be more powerful

3.Never and I say NEVER Justify the means.Sacrificing a soul for power will cause an atmosphere of distrust.It is how Malistaire became evil stated in another post since he JUSTIFIED THE MEANS.He went over board trying to bring back his wife.Doing this will end up in total failure.

Hope you suceed in the spiral

Taylor Lotusfist
Master Diviner lv.42
Knowledge is Limited but Imagination is Endless
-Albert Einstein
Nothing is pernament but change its self
-some greek fella

Aug 04, 2009
hello! my name is vanessa emeraldglade master diviner lvl 48 i love being one to! :D my health is very large for a storm 2,l64 although my mana is very small i have the tendensy to wear black and yellow for my trim i also always stitch my items that i win and can wear though my clothes give ME no accuracy i never fizzle ( except bolt :) ) -,- divanation is amazing although i could beat a boss of ds alone i usually ask 1 friend to help! i am sry to say but i no longer have a storm home and low on storm friends all i have is chase dragon brandon stormtheif jessica jaderunner etc. i am life ad storm and the rumors of new schools i will be one of them too i am very creative very funny very very defensive and good at defending myself and others very polite not good with grammer very very very very HAPPY always looking for something to do and very curios. i usually am on a search to find houses with floating things in them and delete friends who never play, though only to ad new ones! ! I usually fight malistare hunting down stuff and also computer well mine always begins to shut down in a dungeon :x :) i am very proud to be a diviner and i always will be one

P.S. love ya halestorm blaestorm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa EmeraldGlade
Savior of The Spiral
LvL 48

Dec 18, 2008
Hey guys I am a grandmaster diviner and would love to help anyone with quests because I am not very busy right now. I am usually in the arena now adays. Storm being my first school has to be my favorite. I do also have a lvl 48 balance.


David Boomhaven lvl 50 storm
David Stormblade lvl 48 balance
David Dragonrider lvl 6 life

Aug 30, 2009
Hello. My name is Ian Seabreeze and I'm a Level 43 Storm wizard with life as my second. I'm having trouble gaining levels and I'm anxious to reach level 45 so I can use my Ice blade that I have already bought. I'm currently in The Drake Hatchery area of Dragonspyre and I would appreciate it if a kind higher leveled wizard would help me.
EDIT: I am now in The Crucible.

- Ian Seabreeze, Level 43 Diviner