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Stacking Shields, Traps and Charms

Aug 11, 2009
When battling Optio Verdis and Celestian Remnant (Balance NPCs), it can be difficult to recognize what has been placed around the NPC in the current state of stacking non-identical items on top of each other. Many Balance NPCs will use their two different combo shields again and again, so that there are layers of shields with a wizard's traps mixed in.

It would be helpful if identical items would be stacked on each other with a number imposed on the item showing how many remain. This number could be similar to that used by Fortify and Amplify.

This would benefit wizards that battle in a group, so that better planning could take place and perhaps limiting frustration concerning failed or diminished attacks due to items hidden under non-identical items that now are revealed due to another wizard’s action during that particular round.

So that the numbers would be visible, a reduction in the speed at which the items revolve around the NPC may be necessary.

This could also be applied to wizards in the same way.

Have fun!!! :-) :-) :-)

Aug 12, 2009
Excellent idea! This shouldn't be too difficult to code either.

Devin Darksong – lvl 60 Death
Digby Darksong – lvl 60 Life
Duncan Darksong –lvl 60 balance
Dylan Darksong –lvl 60 Storm
Dustan Darksong –lvl 60 Myth
Dolan Darksong –lvl 60 Ice

Sep 23, 2010
Nice idea, i was actually thinking something similar earlier this evening. 8)

Feb 15, 2009
Great idea; if you have four balance people all blading/shielding at the same time it gets a little confusing :?