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Spell Redesigns

Jan 07, 2013
With models being updated, it's only a matter of time before spells using those models get updated too. Something I'd like to see if altering the color palette of spells so they are more diverse. For example, pretty much all Fire spells are red and yellow. All Storm is purple and yellow. Ice is all light blue and white. I get that these are iconic for the schools, but I think it'd be cooler if the underlying themes stayed the same while the main colors of the spells differed.

Take Sunbird for instance. The feathers are pure red and yellow - not very pleasing to the eye. Why not make the bird more like an actual sunbird, with brown, black, blue and red? The Helephant is potentially even worse. His armor is just red and yellow, boring!

Same goes with the Ice Wyvern. Pure blue and white (even the ice is blue!). Maybe make the ice more crystal in nature to allow for more color diversity?

I think making the spells a little more diverse in color and tone down the purity of some of the colors would really add variety to each school.

Feb 03, 2012
I see where your getting at. If they did make more diverse color schemes I think they should still make them analogous (color families or next to each other on the color wheel). I feel like having different secondary schools and item cards is what diversifies the spells. Maybe they could switch around the dominant colors in the scheme so all Fire spells aren't red with yellow accents but some are yellow with red and black. Maybe Ice could have some more dark blue instead of all light blue.

Feb 03, 2012
But you know, I feel like Myth, Life and Death have more diverse color schemes than Fire, Ice, and Storm. Perhaps this is what sets them apart from their elemental counterparts. Balance is mostly the came color but with small differently colored accents.