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Spell ideas for 128

Apr 25, 2011
Storm- 2 ideas: 1st Its in the party room where you play the dance minigame with khan, the dj is playing music and accidentally spills his drink on the booth and an explosion happens and hits everybody.
2:is pork in his ship and the meltdown occurs and it crashes and the rubble flies on every enemy.

Fire-1 idea:Beastlings in the aeriel jungle, they are sitting infront of a campfire, wind blows and the whole jungle turns on fire, hits all enemies

Ice- Giant outer athanor golems awakens from ice when a miner tries to hit the ice, and hits all

Life-The Beastling king awakes and orders an army of beastlings to hit all enemies

Death- The gobbler batman appears and throws a batman shuriken gobbler edition, hits all ennemies

myth: The giant kraken you see in the official empyrea map shows up and hits all ennemies

balance: All the turtle pets from roaming bosses dance together and form a giant turtle who deals 400(or more) of two random schools and then deals 300 of balance damage

its probably too late but thats my opinion