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Some suggestions

Jun 23, 2009
Hi i has some suggestions :)
*Spacestation mega bundle(Mega spaces palace, Alien pet, Moonrover mount, 5000/membership,Lightsaber, Spaceoutfit, Mystery teleporter)

*Hair salon(100 crowns for every time you finish your new look)

*Treehouse(tree house with treehouse stuff)

*New armor that looks like guardian(maybe like a long dress that drags behind you that glitters :) )

*New hair, hair colors.(The hair styles are kinda odd and still awesome but about all the wizzys have the same hair..)

*Makeup!!(We dont really need this but it would be fun)

*More wizards in login zone.(Maybe just 6 for non members and 12 for members. But if you lose your member you get to pick 6.

*Flying(We have allot of mounts but we dont have flying)

*Battling buttons like "want wizards to join?" or "how many wizards do you want to join?"

*Gold cap raise to maybe 300,000?

*I has a house thing that we do school and yah, But when im not on we cant do it.. so maybe a button saying:

"Allowing friends to visit your house when offline?" then we just click on the person who online or offline and click house

*Maybe some more sky designs in house? I was thing of a sky changer in the crown shop and you place it in your house.. And you can change the time of day when you doing certain things like playing Dark and you change it to dark.
"Hope you use these! Dont need to credit for any of these..
If you use these it will be enough credit for me :)"

May 12, 2009