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Should all the housing gauntlets be freely open?

May 14, 2015
It's time to do some major planning, guys. Now, you've done alright so far, to put it VERY nicely, but you need help planning out what to do with all your future housing gauntlets, and figuring out what to do with all the current ones. Because no matter what you do, you still get people glitching their way into all the "Friends-restricted" ones ( meaning every gauntlet except Winterbane Hall or Midnight Sun Pagoda ) on a daily basis.

Many people have asked over the years why only Winterbane Hall and Midnight Sun Pagoda are open to everyone, but all the other ones remain closed to everyone but the friends of the person who owns the house. Unless, of course, you exploit one of two commonly known glitches to get inside them. What EXACTLY are you accomplishing here by doing this? NOTHING you could possibly do is going to keep these people out of these gauntlets forever, so why even try?

I mean, honestly, is there a shortage of logical sense I don't know about? Open the rest of the gauntlets to everyone else already!