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Seed Bank

Mar 29, 2012
Seems like most of the space in my pack (and banks) is taken up by seeds. Many of them are crowns seeds or no auction rare seeds, so I don't want to get rid of them. It would be great if the seed bank could be consolidated like the reagents and pet snacks are. Really great.

Mar 04, 2012
In a word, PLEASE. This is an issue for many of the people who actively garden, to the point where it is difficult to store normal game items. It gets worse the longer you play, as you continue to accumulate crown items that you don't want to feed to your pets.

Maybe this topic does not have the same relevance to everyone as those that seem to get many replies but are nearly guaranteed never to be added to the game. This is not an unreasonable idea, and should even overall work to the advantage of both the players and KI, as people would be able have more items overall. But if people who like this idea or feel it necessary to play as intended don't add their support, ideas like this will never be seriously considered.