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Recycling Items

Sep 29, 2010
I had an idea of turning junk you don’t want into crafting reagents.

When the new mechanic was added to the game, where you can feed certain items to pets to get a reward got me thinking, I wish there was a way you would know EXACTLY what you were getting. That’s when I thought of recycling.

Recycling will go like this, say you’re in Marleybone and you get a Worn Shovel housing item as a drop. Don’t wanna travel all the way to the bazaar to sell it? Don’t want to feed it to your pet and not know what you’ll be getting? Don’t to just throw it away? Are you low on mistwood and scrap iron? Well then, RECYCLE IT! When you select an item to recycle, a box will pop up like a crafting recipe, in the boxes it will show you what reagents you can get from recycling the item; how much of the reagent you can get and the odds of getting that reagent.

When you recycle the worn shovel you will have a %50 chance of getting 1-2 scrap iron and a %100 chance of getting 1-3 mistwood. After pressing the recycle button, the reagents will be gathered and placed into your reagent bag.

When recycling, unlike feeding stuff to pets, you will ONLY get reagents, no treasure cards, no pet snacks, no gold, just reagents.

The rarer the reagent, the lower the quantity you will get and of course the lower the chance will be. However, the only draw back is, with recyclable items that can reward super rare reagents such as turquoise, diamond, amber dust, etc there is a chance you won’t receive any reagents at all after recycling the item.

Pets, crown items, mounts, crafted gear, crafted furniture, and houses cannot be recycled

I figured another way to get rid of unwanted junk and a way to better understand what you will be getting out of “Destroying” this item will greatly benefit the game and its players.

~Wolf Nightbreeze~

Sep 03, 2011
I think this is a cool idea, because when farming bosses you often get items you can't or won't use. It would also be a cool way to get reagents.

Victoria Fairyheart

Jul 27, 2010
As a person who often struggles with getting reagents to craft, this would be perfect for me. My backpack often gets filled to the brim with useless items that sell for barely any gold, and I usually spend my gold on reagents, so being able to get rid of my item and getting reagents in return would be great. This is a great idea.

Jan 15, 2014
I think this is a really good idea! You have gained a supporter.

Oct 21, 2013
Aug 19, 2011