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Random Unwanted Battles

Aug 18, 2010
who here likes it when they are one centimeter away from the side walk and you think everything is going great then BOOM! random monster gets you in battle! another monser joins in! then someone else joins you because they hope you will kill them so he can get the credit! then you find out you didnt pack converts in your deck and you cant win! or worst yet you forgot to get mana!!!
let me just say it: why not extend the side walks a little bit? i mean take the wc side walks for instance, expecially the sunken city ones, you try to turn around the street corner, then a ghost attacks you, three of them

i'm personally sick of this!

it used to be back then that i would go into crown shop and preview homes just to get out of that unwanted battle, but due to kingsisle's updates the only excape is if you log off and hope no one is there when you log on

well here is what i'm saying: make the side walk limit extended by a few centimeters, just a bit wider so we get a clear path to walk on and not pray that we get trapped in a battle with no health or mana or etc..

i've said what i needed to say, what about you people (who i'm sure you will make a pointless argument with me on this )