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Sep 04, 2008
I am extremely upset. while questing on my death, i was trying to obtain my level 68 spell. while talking to milos ( which i have to do in order to continue my quest.) i was finishing up talking to him, then it opens up onto his personal quest, about reading the books and stuff. well i know i don't want to do the quest so i click the button to skip the conversation when it accepts the quest. I didn't want it at all. It should not open up his quest browser again after i talk to him, if i wanted to talk to him again i would press x. now I'm stuck with this quest, and i don't have the time to fight all the side quest bosses to read all the books. Kingsile should either allow people to delete side quest, or no longer let the quest chat screen on npc's pop up after finishing talking. it is extremely annoying to have this quest, as i have OCD and the extra quest is extremely bothersome. pleas listen to this Kingsile.