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PvP staying true to PvE

Jan 14, 2012
I want to start off by saying that I feel this update was pretty great. Might be an unpopular opinion but this is exactly what everybody was asking for (graphics updates, shadow spells nerfed). I only have one concern. I was watching a livestream a while back and heard them say something like "we try to keep PvP as close to PvE as possible" and I remember thinking that that isn't a little true. For example criticals, a fundamental aspect of hitting. Different from PvP to PvE. Why? I mean I get the initial reasoning but why keep it 2X for PvE? That's not necessary and while I don't care too much I just feel that it should be dropped for the sake of keeping things even throughout. If it is really necessary to have 2X on criticals to progress that must be a balancing issue throughout because at certain levels there's no chance to critical to begin with. Simply lower bosses outgoing damage because that's what makes them so hard to beat. Other things too, like banning spells from PvP. Just take them out of the game. Every spell banned from PvP is totally unecesary and rarely used in PvE. Now with this update the one concern I have is how are people supposed to progress? My brother literally just deleted his death wizard instantly that he has been working on non stop. A challenge is good but this is going to get ridiculous. I think this ties in with the critical system. Lower bosses outgoing. Any other thoughts? Or valid reasoning to why these things are in place?

Feb 28, 2014
Only PVP players were asking for shadow enhanced spells nerfed along with the other spells; not welcomed in PVE causing a large number of disappointments for casual players. PVP is mainly hardcore play. PVE is mainly casual play but made for hardcore as well. There's a big differance between the 2. PVP may be more in balance but PVE is now unbalnance for questing. Bosses and some enimies in the 3rd arc hiiting power and cheats needs to be nerfed to regain balance. Other than that, update is great. Well done Kingsilse. In my opinion, keeping players happy in both PVP and PVE is the ticket to move forward.