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Purchasing Mastery Amulets for gold

Feb 08, 2012
For many, farming Luska, Ervin, Sylster, and the Aquila side bosses for Mastery and Exalted amulets is time-consuming and often fruitless. As most go for the Life mastery (which seems to have the lowest drop rate), it is frustrating to see "Mastery Amulet" as the screen pans, only to find that you've gotten Storm or Fire mastery. What I am proposing here is simple; make Mastery Amulets available for gold. No crafting, farming, or crown-buying required for this. Yes, they will be expensive, not a measly 10k gold. They cost 9950 in the Crown Shop, so just add a zero onto the end, and you have the gold pricing; 99,500. Not very easy to get 99k gold unless you are in the higher worlds such as Azteca or Khrysalis. It is a perfectly reasonable price for a Mastery Amulet, and would save many the time of farming, or saving money from buying the $20 one would need to buy a single Mastery. I certainly would be happy with this, as neither my wizard nor my friends' have achieved a Mastery from farming, and I have never had more than 13k crowns at a time, and with the remaining 3,005 crowns, not much can be bought that is useful for my wizards, (all in the Promethean levels).
Please implement this in the next update.

-Tyler Titanstaff, Lvl 92
-Kieran Greenleaf, Lvl 90

Apr 09, 2012
100k gold is not nearly high enough, because that is at most one hour of farming for gold in Wintertusk's Halffang. If mastery amulets were to be sold for gold it would cost at least 1.5m, which is still realtively easy to get, 2 days of halffang farming. I seriously doubt they will ever be sold for gold anyways, because they brong so much profit to KI.