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Potential shadow spells, view points and suggested changes

Jun 15, 2020
I was experimenting with the 2 pip Shadow Spells you can train from Elana DarkSun and have come to some conclusions:

1. You can't enchant the cards even though they do damage, now I'm not sure if this is purposeful because of story or lore but I would like to see some potential for using Shadow spells with enchant spells so they can viably be used on higher level enemies by people like me who adore Shadow Spells.

2. I was shocked to find out that these spells and the 1 pip spells from Sofia DarkSide are the only "trainable" spells that you can have in your spell deck and that cards like Shadow Blade and Shadow Trap (which work brilliantly with the 2 pip Shadow Spells) are Item Card exclusives, meaning, you can only get them from either jewels or wearing specific gear.

3. During my turns to get Shadow pips to test these spells, I found myself passing a lot more than I thought would be necessary, my shadow rating was 84 at the time of testing and so I thought I could increase it through the use of Jewels, however, I couldn't find the level 95+ Hematite PIP Jewel and I think I know why, because the level 105+ Hematite PIP Jewel gives literally 1 shadow rating and so there cannot be anything lower than that. But it's not just the level of the jewels being higher than expected that is annoying, it's the fact that a jewel at level 105+ is doing next to nothing to my shadow rating.

4. To work off of the above point, I thought of a workaround that might work and I thought of some more Shadow Spell ideas that I go through in the summary below.

To summarise the main points in this post:
If plausible, I would like to see Shadow Spells that deal damage become enchantable so they can scale with the player. I would also like to see the ability to learn Item Card exclusive basic spells like Shadow Blade and Shadow Trap so I can use them with my Shadow Spells without having to wear gear that I don't like wearing. I also think we should have level 95+ jewels that give shadow rating, even if it's 1 shadow rating, just a little to help us through Khrysalis and to get the hang of our new Shadow Spells. And finally, I think there should be some new Shadow Spell additions to the current Shadow Spells that could be taught by either Elana DarkSun, Sofia DarkSide or even someone in the Arcanum, these spells would help us with our current Shadow Spells, maybe a Sun Spell-like enchantment that enhances Shadow and Shadow-Enhanced Spells only or even a Shadow Spell that would convert 3-4 pips into one Shadow pip to help us with gathering Shadow pips when we feel like we're not getting enough.