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Please fix houses and more items

Jul 16, 2013
To whom it concerns,
I am a paying monthly member but even if I was not this idea for house vote is great, I love the idea that you came out with a way for people to vote on your homes and allow friends/players to visit ...BUT I can not finish decorate my home because it said I have reached my limit in the room ....there should be no limit ? Also we need more furniture to decorate with as well I have seen many items all throughout wizard that could be sold as furniture in the stores. Is there a way to make the homes to hold more items and get more furniture to match homes? I have the Red barn house and no farm animals? I really like this game and when I am bored of questing I love to decorate my house . This game has so much more potential to become a number one hit not only with kids /adults like myself . Please consider taking limit away on decorate and add more furniture
Thank You

In the Crown Shop you will find Bric-a-Brac elixirs that allow you to expand the amount of items you can place in your home.


Is your Balance House barren? Is your Life House in need of more life? Do you have wonderful items taking up space in your attic because you've run out of places to put things? Well do we have a surprise for you!

Now you can purchase an elixir that will increase the number of items you can place in one area of your house!

The "Bric-a-Brac Elixir" is available for 995 Crowns and lets you add space for 50 more decorating items in either the interior or exterior of your house. You can use the elixir as many times as you like, up to a total of 300 decorating spaces per zone.

You have to use the elixir in the area that you want to increase. If you want to increase the number of decorating spaces on the interior of your house, you must be in the interior of your house when you buy the elixir, and you will need to purchase a separate elixir for the exterior of your house.

pssst...yes this works in your Dorm too!

Jul 16, 2013
I thank you for the information,but as I already pay a monthly membership I do not feel I should pay for more space when I can use those crowns if I do buy any for other things .I hope that wizards can consider taking the cap off ,and would help those kids /adults who can only play free, but also buy crowns . Just a thought thanks

Mar 13, 2013
I pay a yearly membership and I have bought many crown items and I think at best KI could raise the housing limit

Dec 05, 2012
sorry garceghostrider, but this is how the game makes money which they need to stay in bisinuss for you and other players to play

Dec 04, 2012
Blaze Deathward on Nov 21, 2013 wrote:
sorry garceghostrider, but this is how the game makes money which they need to stay in bisinuss for you and other players to play
maybe but I agree that it could be raised a little

Aug 26, 2009
I actually agree for them to increase the housing Item Limit.

I've bought all the "Bric-a-Brac Elixirs" and reached the 300 Limit.

With KingsIsle saying larger castles are coming out now, for example: The "Amber Estate" which is huge. I still have loads of large empty spots in my "Amber Estate" and currently at 263 / 300 limit. Atleast raising it by another 100 - 200 would be great, 300 would be even better! hehe.. I'd even buy more elixirs for that. It shouldn't create lag at all if you can add more and more stuff to the servers / database.

Right now there isn't much to do with the "Amber Estate" as it's so darn big!

Adding little items to decorate tables, shelves, etc takes up most of the space. Yet that's what makes tables and all that look good. But having all that doesn't give space to decorate the place fully.

I was planning to build a small Grizzleheim style forest, yet I cannot as not enough in the Item limit. Even doing that is leaving me with other empty areas. More and more people would also be able to create spectacular Castes! It is very disappointing...


As for more furniture to decorate with idea.

I'm sure every player in the game has an idea for a new piece of furniture. But it would possibly need to be related to the Worlds like the other furniture along with it.

If I were you, just make a new thread and suggest lots of furniture ideas that you got in your head.