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Pet lwvelling potions

Apr 16, 2009
Hi i honestly dont know if anyone has suggested this but i think it would be a great idea to have pet leveling potions. With the new kiosk it would be evenbetter. You could sell a potion that would raise a pets level by 500. In that way when you have hatched a pet you could find out immediately if you need to hatch sgain. You would have a choice at the higher exp levels to use your plant or other forms of snacks to level part of the level or use the potions. When trying to get a new pet for a character it takes a lot of work snd can be frustrating till you fet the tight one gor you. This could speed things up and slso make the boring wait for the eg. music thing to run through its timers before feeding a pet. The 500 exp i think would be hood because you have a 500 exp level a 1000 exp level and a 2000exp level in this way you could level part of the way with snacks if you wanted thank you for taking the time to lidten

Aug 03, 2016
Anything that would shorten pet training.

I love this game but I think the pet training overall could use an overhaul. Maybe not just arcade games but other things. Crosswords, word search, dot to dot, color pages, trivia, I dunno. The idea is to do a mini game but those can be a wide assortment of things