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Perdue Wizards

Jul 18, 2009
Patrick Ravenbane on Nov 17, 2016 wrote:
I'm not tying to silence people nor taking things personally. I never said it's trolling to voice opinions and concerns . Please don't jump to conclusions from what I said and feel. I said "cutting people down and going at each other throats making them sound like an idiot is trolling". "Contradicting someone's idea by telling him/her how silly and wrong that person is is the same as trolling". It's how people express their concerns and opinions combined with negative talk towards each other is called trolling for many people.

Definition of troll in English-language learners: noun- " A person who tries to cause problems on the internet message board by posting messages that cause other people to argue, become angry etc. .

Fable Finder might have felt he was being trolled because he said Thank you to me from his last post after I posted mine.
Nobody is making anyone else sound like an idiot, you are oversensitive.

Nov 22, 2015

I don't think it's worth e-mailing support to get this thread unlocked, because I just wanted to add one thing.

When you lag, you might unwillingly get sucked in, so that's a good reason to allow transparency mode.