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Next fire spell should be a DOT

Jul 25, 2010
Hello Everyone,

I have seen many threads here for ideas regarding rank 9 spell, i know it is a long time away but here is my opinion on rank 9 fire spell,

Fire is supposed to be DOT (Damage over time) school, yet the best DOT's in the game are with ice and death, I think it is a bit unfair.

Poison and Frost bite are both better than scald, in terms of damage.

Also, skeletal dragon is better than fire dragon in terms of damage per pip.

Both of this situation are understandable since fire dragon and scald are both AOE (Area over effect) spell, and so they are less powerful than the spell that hit single enemy.

My point is fire lacks a good high level DOT that hits a single enemy, fire dragon and scald are both fine spells, but i would really love if the next fire spell was a high level single enemy DOT.

Here is my idea for next fire spell

Name: whatever kingsisle think appropriate
Damage: 200 + 990 over 3 round

Ultimately, it is up to kingsisle what next level spells will be, but i would love it, if this idea is taken up.

What do you guys think.