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New World KongoKingdom!!!!!

Feb 08, 2009
Ok Remember how grizzleheim had 3 different animal races that all had there own outfits? Well in this world its sort of like that its a rainforest/mountain area/and for the final part of it( like the great spyre of this world) would be a kingdom in the sky.

I think 3 was wasting allot so in this world there is going to be more

Here are my ideas for animal races-Gorillas, Hawks, Tigers, Leopards, Snakes, and Lions.( add more animals if you want in a comment)

You unlock this world at lvl 40, when you go to yoshito temple and a goat monk spirit tells you....

Goat Monk: Young wizard i have heard wild cries from the village of sorrow, i ask you revered wizard plz go and see what it is.

MISSION-Go to village of sorrow

You go to vilage of sorrow and when you get in a gorilla spirit comes up like in dungeons.

Gorilla: Wizard, my world is in grave danger I am in need of your assistance plz tell head master ambrose that Chim' Panze has called upon him for help.

MISSION tell ambrose what gorilla spirit told you

Ambrose-Chim Panze!? He is the Gorilla champion of the KongoKingdom! I wish we could help young wizard but the spiral key to their world has been long forgotten. Tell the spirit that we cannot be of assistance.

MISSION-tell gorilla spirit that you dont have the key to get to their world

Gorilla: Young wizard i know the wereabouts of the key, it is hidden in a tower at the end of Amazon Pass a path hidden in the CAve of solitude. Go and get the key...

If you like this idea post: What you think the outfits for each animal should look like, what comes next after you have to get the key, and any special extras that should come like pets, new weapons, etc.

Aug 28, 2009
awesome idea. i love the tropical forests and im sure all the other players would love it

Apr 18, 2010
Oct 11, 2009
Mar 18, 2009
Feb 08, 2009

Gorilla- The gorilla pet has large fists and feet and walks by using its knuckles, You can change color of skin and fur an example is a fire gorilla orange skin and red fur.

Hawk-The hawk pet IS NOT going to look like a fire bird it should look like a real hawk, you can choose its first and second colors like a dragon sort of.

Tigers-Just a normal tiger except it stands on 2 feet, you can pick stripe color and body color.

Leopard-Same as tiger just on 2 feet can choose spot and body color

Snakes- Like a cousin of the snow serpent just doesnt have the mane sort of thing on its neck and has a cobra like neck.

Lions-You can pick its first and second colors.

Note: all pets stand when not moving but go on all 4's when walking

Oct 24, 2010
Jul 26, 2009
Feb 15, 2009
sparplug22 wrote:
awesome idea. i love the tropical forests and im sure all the other players would love it
Yes please RESPOND at least consider this idea you need more of a tiki and jungle like place and PLEASE put a house in the new worlds.

Dec 16, 2009
Great idea! But change the name, its kinda boring. I would think.. Something that goes with animals and kinda rain forests, like Amazon Kingdom.. :P