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New type of spell cards possiblity.

Apr 15, 2012
I was wondering if it would be a possibility to get some new styles of cards that are 2 schools.

For example a spell that is storm and life, that both schools can use, each school can use a power pip as 2, and if one of the schools gives a boost against the enemy, it will give half the boost a single school type will give.

You could do a combo card for each type of magic.

I hope the idea is good enough for you to accept it.

Jan 11, 2012
I actually thought about this kind of thing a while ago, but couldnt flesh the idea out. Some combinations make more sense than others. At first I thought about having a spell do half damage in one school then half damage in the other school. Then I thought about literally combining the 2 schools into one. An example of this would be Fire and Ice making a Steam "school" spell. If they can find a way to do something like this, that would be awesome! Perhaps these types of spells would be best served as something similar to Burning Rampage where it hits first in the one school, then a delayed hit of the second school.

Aug 23, 2016
Having encounterd multiple school bosses in the higher levels there is a mechanic in place in the coding that would allow this.

*sounds of mental gears turning*

Perhaps a new class of Magic along the lines of Monsterology, or Gravulum... Alchemy.

The new Alchemy teacher has a laboratory where you can take spells that you have learned and combine them into new spell that works with your primary school? Or instead of combining spells you can transmute a spell from another school that you have learned into spell that works with your school.

Suddenly all those dropped spells from Loremaster that aren't your school can suddenly by made useful.

Let's take Reindeer Knight - Ice

Hello Young Wizard, back for more teaching in the wondrous art of Alchemy? You do remember that it costs 2 training Points to reforge your spell? Splendid. Let's begin.

Oh, I see you want to reforge the Reindeer Knight Spell. Let's see since you a (school) we can rework that into a (spell)

Fire - Forest Fire Knight (the forest is ablaze and the Knight does Fire Damage)
Life - Reforestation Knight (the forest is dead, the Kinght takes damage from the mob, the forest regrows and the Knight gives life to your team)
Storm - Thunderclap Knight (it is raining in the forest and the Knight redirects lightning damage to the mob)
Myth - Lycanthropy Knight (The knight emerges from the forest, turns into werewolf and does myth damage)
Death, since Death already has Deer Knight we need something different... Krampus Knight (The Knight emerges from the Christmas Trees and instead of immediately doing damage it transforms into Krampus and does death damage)

Something along those line would be cool.

The Ghoststalker Brothers
Steven 124
Chris 8

Apr 26, 2015
I love the Idea! Although what level are you thinking of allowing people too unlock it? I feel as though they would have to unlock their rank 6 spell at the very least, You know Master the basics of one school and then branch off and bring them together.

I'm just going to think of some spell ideas for this just because I love doing so.

and = Avalon Wyrm (Seeing as Avalon is more of a fantasy place and Wyrm is a dragon...)

and = Hail Storm (Self Explanatory)

and = Withering Tree (Basically shows a Tree growing then start to rot and fall onto the target)

and = Astral Swordsman (Kind of like the Athena Battle Sight spell but with a different model and cutscene)

and = Giant and the Bean Stalk. (Cyclops standing next to a beanstalk, After all the blades and traps and stuff the Cyclops picks up the bean stalk and swings it around hitting all targets at once.)

I found this much easier to think of spells then just regular School By school spells. Anyways I hope you guys like my ideas just as much as I like this idea in general.

Feb 12, 2015
I have to disagree with this idea. There are already things that allow you to use other schools better, like Mastery amulets. Also, there are spells such as Hydra and Chimera, which already do damage in other schools. I'm going to be honest, this would ruin the game.

Apr 15, 2012
To the person who commented on alchemy, that would be a very good way to do so, I like that idea, I also liked the main school hit with second school delay attack.

To the poster that asked what level, that I am unsure of, However, I tend to agree rank 6 or rank 5 spells learned would probably be best