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New Spell and Dungeon Ideas

Aug 18, 2010
I want to see some of this community's ideas for dungeons and spells that could go with them. I'd also appretiate what you guys think about my idea. So here it is:

When you reach max level, the next time you log on you get a message from your teacher saying something along the lines of “(your name), the spiral is in grave danger! Hurry to my room in the Arcanum!”

When you get there your teacher will say “I said hurry! This is of utmost importance! Have you heard of the professor (from the five B.O.X.E.S. event)? He has discovered an ancient event that, if it is allowed to take place, could mean the destruction of the spiral, or more! But he told me only the most powerful and intelligent wizards can help, I know you will be able to help, but he was very adamant. Follow me to the Arcanum Arena for your final test.” Or something like that.

The quest marker leads you to a portal to the arena. The arena is on a platform that moves around the Arcanum while you duel. After you win the duel your teacher tells you to go to a secret room in Marleybone so you can learn more from the professor.

The professor asks “Have I met you before? Oh, of course, you’re the one (your teacher) told me he/she would send. We must hurry! When the six other wizards get here we’ll travel to the ancient land currently know as Monquista.” This will excite test realm players for a dungeon with seven people.

There will have to be a wizard of each school. The team will appear in front of a cave with a massive and intricately designed door. It is a large area with several wandering “Unlucky Travelers” as enemies. There is one traveler off to the side that is a non-enemy NPC.

He will give a quest to collect 8 energy from the Unlucky Travelers to power the Ancient Key, which will unlock the door.

You can go through the door and the balance wizard will get into battle with four “Cave Guardians” (it will be like a castle pvp arena where no one else will be able to join). There will be six doors off to the sides with the symbols of each of the magic schools, and one middle door larger than the rest behind the Cave Guardians. The doors only allow the wizards of the corresponding schools to enter.

Each of the rooms has one boss of the room’s school with the name “Forgotten Master of (that school)” They have the dialogue of something like “Intruder! You have made a terrible mistake coming here! You shall feel my wrath!” Then you are pulled into the fight. These bosses will use the new spells of their school.

Aug 30, 2014
Creative idea. I like the idea that it has to be one of every school. It would maybe help against stereotypes.

Aug 18, 2010
Here are the spells:

Life - Bind
80% accuracy, X pips, 2 shadow pips
Stun for 1-2 rounds then 120 damage/pip after
Affects all enemies
Looks like vines around the enemies’ feet then shoots back into the ground after stun

Ice - Trickle
70% accuracy, 6 pips, 2 shadow pips
Removes all overtimes from friends and places them on enemies with 200% damage
Resets the round count for the overtimes when switched
Looks like water drains from friends as the overtimes disappear and then water surrounds enemies as the overtimes appear on them

Fire - Engulf
65% accuracy, X pips, 2 shadow pips
140 damage/pip over 2 rounds and steals enemies’ pips
Affects all enemies
Looks like the spiraling fire of the king art spell, except around the player instead

Myth - Ancient Obelisks
70% accuracy, X pips, 2 shadow pips
Stun for 1-2 rounds then 200 damage/pip after
Affects one enemy
Looks like two columns that rise out of the ground on either side of the enemy, water is on the sides nearer to the enemy, then after the stun the water rushes into the enemy

Storm - Lightning Rod
60% accuracy, 6 pips, 2 shadow pips
1000 damage to all enemies and steals enemies’ shields and charms
Affects all enemies
Looks like a massive storm above the arena then lightning strikes the enemies and the charms and shields are moved to you

Death - Heartbreaker
75% accuracy, X pips, 2 shadow pips
130 damage/pip and half damage to your health
Affects all enemies
Looks like hands coming up through the middle of the enemies and grabbing their life essences and pulling them into the ground, then one ball of life essence appears in front of your wizard and flies into your wizard

Balance - (shift) Possession
75% accuracy, X pips, 2 shadow pips
175 damage/ enemy’s pip
Uses enemy’s pips, but your shadow pips, power pips count, affects one enemy
Looks like the balance wizard’s ghost you beat during the dungeon, takes the enemy’s pips out of their places, swirls them above his head, then shoots them back at the enemy

Aug 18, 2010
Here's the rest of the dungeon:

After everyone defeats their boss the door will open. In the new room you can see a huge, raised platform. (Six arenas around a center arena, seven in all) There is an enemy visible flying above the middle arena named “Forgotten God of Magic”.

He turns and says “You fools seek to challenge me? I will gladly further my reputation as the undefeated god of dueling. But defeating you means nothing if you can’t even defeat these weaklings.” He then summons seven “Fallen Challengers” (one for each arena, the arenas work like the castle pvp arenas again).

You defeat them and he says “You did better than expected, but I have no time to waste, I have big plans. I'll fight you all at the same time!” Six copies of him appear in the surrounding arenas and he lowers to the middle arena. Everyone is pulled to an arena. When he is defeated his copies disappear.

He says “I have never been defeated! No one can know, you will stay here forever!” The six Forgotten Masters appear and one says “No, you are the one who shall never leave!” The masters use their new spells: First the life master traps the Forgotten God with Bind, the ice master uses Trickle to summon water around the vines, the myth master uses Ancient Obelisks which takes the water to the sides of the obelisks, the fire wizard uses engulf to destroy the false body the spirit of the Forgotten God was inhabiting, the obelisks activate and the water is rushed into the spirit, the storm master uses Lightning Rod to trap the evil of the spirit in the water, the death master uses heartbreak to take the evil out of the spirit and holds it.

The death master holds out the orb and says “You've saved us from the evil spell of this place. We wish to repay you for this, but we can only offer this power (he points out the orb he is still holding) Show us your ability to use it.” The masters go to the arenas, you can only fight the one of your school. You need to bring back the orb for the new spell.