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New Secondary School: Zodiac

Jun 17, 2012
I was thinking that it would be cool if they made a 2ndary school, like the astrals, to be based around the whole Zodiac idea. The spells are in the forms of animals( Leo, Taurus, etc) that each have a special ability. Since there are 12 animals, there could only be 12 spells. Aries the Ram will do a low attack. Taurus the Bull boost your attack greatly. Gemini the twins would give a medium critical rating. Cancer the crab could stun. Leo the lion a large attack. Virgo the vergin gives a high critical block rating. Libra the scales will cast a random balance spell. Scorpio the scorpion would give a balanceblade. Sagittarius the archer would cast any healing spell to whoever friend needs it the most. Capricorn the goat will give either elemental, spirit, or tower shield. Aquarius the water- bearer would cast a storm spell to all enemies. Finally, Pisces the fish would summon a random minion. Hope u liked!

Jul 23, 2012
Good idea. Maybe they could base the next world on the zodiac

Feb 17, 2011
Great Idea! They should put that into the Zodiac world! (Like avalon, how we had/have to find the people. FInd al the Zodiacs!! With the little station area for the spells! Like celestia! :)
Love it!

Mar 10, 2012
Although that would be cool, think about all the max level wizards. They won't spend all those crowns just to get a few spells(training point buyback).