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New school idea no not a rip of

Mar 10, 2015
we have death, balance, life, fire ice, storm, myth, astral and shadow but king isle in my opinion missed an entire school which I think is fairly obvious. It clear all the schools got a counter part other then balance. I think the school could be named CHAOS. The school would invoke turning mater into an destructive force.

School (comtroller DPS 3 negator) Damage of skills same as balance

Trainer Maireln RiftSight

Level 0: Void spirit (1 pip hits target with sound fairy)
Level 3:sonic wave (Stuns target)

Level 5: tremor: make a creepy smile show in air blows chaos at target leaving a dot (like fire elf)
Level 10: siesmic wave: plus 35% Zoe trap to chaos
Level 25: Equalize: plus 40% to Chaos school
Level 30: Discombobulated: Send an aoe ripple from a black hole doing 500 base and removing all blades,
Level 35: Ambolate: Ether world knight spears the target causing bleeding (can not blade 3 turns)
Level 43: Spite: strikes the enemy purr dread inflicting deep terror and causing 200 base plus 800 over dot.
Level 50: Dark temptation: abyssal crab shows up, runs at targets (aoe) strikes them from below and flips all hang effects to opposite

Skill quests

No rift no split: rewards player with the ability to summon a rift elemental

Walk between worlds: players learns black rift (switches all hang effects with minion or party member)

Sound is what?: A spell placed on enemy (none pop) steal any next heal

Pips be away: converts all enemy power pips to regular pips

Sable is infable: a owl flies to enemy hits with shadow ball (600 plus steal shield)

Reflection is not perfection: puts a shield on target for one turn that reflects all incoming damage to receiver (excludes big bosses like Rasputin and stuff like that) ((shield cap 10k)

Mandigate through the spirit gate: forces to reshuffle the enemies deck (antishuffle)

No pain no aggravane: 8% per pip blade

Broke is the work: shadow skill (shots a chaos orb at enemy consuming 8 pips plus dealing 730 base damage)

Energy is like synergy: Heals all party 200 health plus 800 over 2 turns shadow skill (Polaris)

Time is for the mortals: Summons a clock to attack target dealing 1200 base damage plus 2 round stun.


Void spirit (Gives void spirit card)

Chaos rat: Givea card dark matter (plus 25% damage to chaos ((Bubble)) )

Time clock: gives card time of mortals

Nov 10, 2015
That would be a cool idea but the whole point of balance is not to have an opposite. Plus chaos already exists. It is the equivalent to myth.

Apr 29, 2012
The idea of a Chaos school has been suggested time and time again, and then KI made it in Wysteria, presumably to stop the requests for it. Making it as an actual new school with spells and gear and storyline and everything would take a good few years to implement, in which time KI could probably finish the 3rd arc instead. It's a nice idea to play around with, I have done in the past, and probably will do in the future, but I don't think it'll ever be made. Your idea for Chaos seems a bit jumbled between energy/randomness/time, and some of the spell names are a bit long (keep in mind the Morganthe spells can't fit on one card, how would 'Mandigate through the spirit gate'?). But as I said, it's fun to play around with new school ideas.

However I have an issue with Chaos as Balance's opposite, or with anything as Balance's opposite. Fire and Ice are balanced when put together, making Balance. Same with Storm and Myth. Life and Death. Fire, Ice, Storm. Myth, Life, Death. Everything is in balance and everything is Balance in this game's magic. There is also a Balance between Chaos and Order, Balance's only opposite would be Imbalance and that doesn't sound very magical.

But I'm too cynical, you clearly put effort into the spells and idea as a whole, some of the ideas sound quite interesting as a mechanic for an existing school in game.

Mar 10, 2015
Well sure wystera has a school named chaos but they can easy change if it need be to make a new school knowing how insignificant wysteria is anyway