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New Pet Talent - Mutant

Mar 13, 2011
Here is my idea. A new talent I call Mutant.

If your pet gets this talent EVERY stat limit increases by 50.


Your pet can now be trained past Epic to Mutant, where it gets a 5th ability.

I don't play the pet derby, but since this affects both derby abilities and talents you could just not give it any derby ability when the Mutant is achieved and give it a pet derby ability when Mutant is reached.

I would say you would have to train the pet another 1000 points at a cost of 8 energy each training.

I know this adds a lot of training, but the talents that are affected by the increase in stats would benefit.

Sep 19, 2011
I really can't stand getting stat boosting talents, so I have to go against you on that

Mar 19, 2011
-_-.I don't know. i went to soo much just to get health gift literally rip my hair
off but this is a great idea.since i don't plant these days \ 8)