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New Magic Spells ideas by William DeathWhisper

Jul 14, 2011
Hiya everyone!

As you may know me, I am the Wizard that started The injustice about the Death robe and wands and I opened the New World Ideas topic so I can share some plans with you all.

Here I will be taling about New Magic Spells Ideas that may come in the game. At first I wanted to say that I agree with Frost Caller and his Game Ideas about Chronomancy and Psychomancy(this spells should be put in game) and you can read about that on his blog.

And now here are my ideas:
Variant Magic-magic that is only used if there is a global spell on and it would be called: "Variant Field". It would allow you to use Variant Spells but not all the time. As you would lvl up your magic field would grow more and more. What do I mean? Variant field has 100% Magic and doesn't uses pips! If you want to cast a spell you would have to use some energy from the field. For example: Casting a Variant blade would take 5% of field so if your lvl 100 you would be left with 95% of magic. Of course if a player playes another global spell for another school you wouldn't be able to use your Variant magic. Blades would be with 15% to enchant a blade(similar to Sharpen blade and Potent trap). In Variant magic there is no attack because the mafic is used to enchant your spells but they must be used when the field is on. If you have a Variant blade or trap(15% adds to trap) on yourself you must cast an attack while the field is on or your magical baldes will dissaper. The trick is that when you enchant the blade or trap and if your field dissapears your blades will stay but with no enchants. Also there will be spells that will allow you to refill the field with 10% of magic.
Ancient Myths for Parliament-a new type of magic(curse) and it was used in the past in the parliament to torcher the crminals so they can tell the truth. The spells that would Wizards learn is Mystic Grimoire, a book that now a lot of spells and can do attacks. Next spell is a charm, The eye of legends where you get charmed and think you got everything you ever wanted to have and from time to time you tell the truth. And the third spell would be The Scepter of Truth- summons a wand and has a card may cast that is Moon attack. The scepter can be called many times because when you play the spell it returns to your hand letting you cast an attack any time.
Power of sign-master the signs with hands! Can be learnt in a new world and also to improve it use Eclipso power.
Eclipso power-makes power of sign stronger and you can learn new signs.
Wondra power- new dress(something like this: if you have Hades outfit you get Hades power) with new powers!
School of Reality- teaches spells that can be used in real life(in Wizard101) without entering a Magic duel.

Hope you liked my ideas, sorry for any grammatical mistakes and you an read my topic about New world ideas!

William DeathWhisper, Lvl 100 School Student

Aug 03, 2011
I like the idea of variant (It may need some tweaking for balancing, pvp, farming). There would have to be negatives to high power, such as it takes pips to cast, and as a result of the no pip cost from certain spells, it halves your pip chance.

I don't think that the Ancient Myths for Parliament will be very effective. I'm not sure how these spellls could play out. Remember, KI has to code this and also code the objects to react to it. It may make quests confusing, or difficult, and I don't see any real use in battles. The idea of a curse is not new. The whole curse idea sounds allot like death (beguile, wraith), but It might be like a negative aura to cast. It could also lower their power pip chances. Keep thinking of ideas for this one.

I'm not really sure what signs do. Can you clarify?

I'm not certain what this does either. I don't really know how this may happen or be put into effect, but I think I get the just of it(You gain powers from certain bosses/schools to add to yourself whatever unique power it has). I feel like the clothing already does this in a way.

Reality sounds interesting, although I'm not sure what it may do. Whether it's a decorative thing, or a utility thing, there's all sorts of spells that can be used. It may be a passive trait like a 2% boost to speed, or a decoration like making yourself sparkle, glow, or have a spell creature follow you around.

Continue thinking about these things. They are very excellent ideas, and hopefully some of them can get to the live realm.

Trevor Windrunner, level 95 Theurgist

Sep 19, 2013
Variant Magic: Umm... No. Basically, it's slightly bigger enchants that can be used only while under a global, and when said global is removed they are too? We already have regular, sharpened/potent, item card, and TC versions of buffs, we don't need any more.
Ancient Myths for Parliament: Soo... this magic is just for interrogation? All my spells do that, they beat you up until you tell me what I want to know. You're just taking the names of these from the Marleybone quiz, aren't you? On an unrelated note, I don't believe that Marleybone dogs engage in much magical study.
Power of sign: So what does it do?
Eclipso power: You still don't say what it does, and now you're just making up words.
Wondra power: What does it do? It seems like it will just make hades gear even more powerful.
School of Reality: *cough* fishing *cough* gardening.