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New lvl 78 attack - A herd of wild horses!

Dec 25, 2010
Have you ever noticed that when horses run together they often look like they are fire moving too and fro with nature?

I don't think there could be a better attack then horses.

The attack starts out where a band of horses is running at the enemies. Then when they split to either side you can see the angry band stallion in the back charging up at who you have selected.

He paws at the ground creating sparks with his flaming hoof. They then do a close up of his face and you can see the smoke billow from his nostrils and the fire blaze from his eyes.

He then charges forward and rears both hooves high up in the air as he kicks the bad guy back knocking him over and consuming him in fire.

He then runs off to join the rest of the herd in the back after the attack is finished.

You could base them after the Nitemare pony; except make these horses and not ponies.

The attack only dose damage to ONE opponent. But with the herd there could be smoke screen done to all four of them along with the damage done to the first.

And come on it would be cool to see somebody bad get run over by horses :-)

((And yes Stallions are in the BACK if you don't know horses))

Aug 21, 2009
I thought something along the herd idea for myth. When it comes to myth I always liked their minotaur card. I'd like to see a herd of minotaurs that attack all with more power and effects than the one versus one minotaur has. It was always myth's thing to lightly attack then heavily attack to avoid shields, but this attack form was never extended to an all attack for myth.