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New level 78 death spell (from a death wizard

Jan 11, 2009
Okay so if your anything like me you like the effeccts but not the ideas for the new death spell well here is mine

Name: other deminsion
Pips: 10
Damage: 850-900
Apperence: a portal opens up and out shoots lots of skulls and death school stuff Then a specter looking guy pops out twirls and points his hand at you. After this a small group of four or five small vampire hits you one by one causeing the damage

Tell me what you think would love to hear other ideas its always fun to read.

Feb 09, 2009
It's kinda beige for a Rank 10 spell, in damage and in animation.

Aug 10, 2011
Um... a Specter looking guy pops out twirls and points his hand at you? What do you mean by Twirls?? And by Specter-looking Guy do you mean he looks like those Invisible Ghosts or those Flying colored Wraiths with the dark face and colored eyes??

BTW: Twirling and pointing his hand at you would look really strange... like a (No Offence) fail Spell Animation. o_o

Also too low Damage. Atleast make it 990-1000 Damage? These are Rank 10 Spells, not Rank 5 Spells. BTW: I could already do 850-900 Damage with Spells at Level 12 (Again, no Offence) so Fail Damage.

I am sorry, i do not know how this could work.

Sep 18, 2009
Also, since the Chinese version of Wizard101 can't have anything with bones showing, I imagine most new stuff will be 'safe' for both versions so they only have to write the code once.

Aug 22, 2010
May 31, 2011
Eh, I still like my idea of "Angel of Death" spell . It's floating around here somewhere.