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New Idea: Badges with Stats

Jan 23, 2009
Sometimes, Wizards, old and new, have problems with their defense, attack, or anything out of the ordinary for them to work on. How about we give them a chance by the badges they earn and have stats on each badge they do earn? You have to admit, every wizard will go for these badges just putting in resistance, critical rating, stun resistance, even armor piercing. The higher the badge, the more stats. What do you think?
Sounds nifty, don't it?

(James GoldenBlade Promethean Theurgist)

Feb 29, 2012
I like the idea but it probably wont happen because badges are meant for show not to give stats

Dec 05, 2010
That'd be a great idea! But then again, there really is no need.... Wizard101 could just put stats on the new hairstyles maybe? What do you think.

Jul 16, 2012
How 'bout "Landmarks", like the badges you earn for defeating 50 golems, or whatever.

Jan 23, 2009
It would give new wizards something to do and look forward to the badges, give them a surprise. The company might go for this idea to improve gameplay for wizards, old and new. It would also give them something to do besides questing, farming, or gardening. They go for battle after battle getting these achievements to get the stats they want.

Savior of the Spiral, for example, would have a power pip chance and critical rating enhanced for the next world, such as Celestia. Explorer badges might get resistance for the simple ones and critical block and stun resistance as you get higher to the new worlds. Think about the possibilities.

It would give all wizards a chance to improve on their way of gameplay and invite their friends to enjoy it, just as much as they have.

Jul 28, 2011
That would be awesome. I agree with the landmarks comment, and I would so defeat 1000 undead just to get resist

Angela Dragonstone level 84

Jan 23, 2009
Now, all I'm wondering about is if any of the Kingsisle Employers or anyone working on the Wizard101 Game Master's desk is willing to read these comments and think, "Hey! That is a good idea!"

So, please, if you love this idea and want to share it with your friends online, by all means, GO FOR IT! I would really appreciate it if they did see this as an improvement to both Wizard and Pirates.

Thanks again,
James GoldenBlade