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New Dungeon: Haunted House

Jan 24, 2010
I have an idea for a new dungeon to put in nightside. This would be really good for Halloween time, but i think it would be fun year round. This would be sort of a mix between a haunted house and a game of "Clue". For those who have never played Clue, it is a game where you basicly try to find clues and figure out who committed what crime. (usually a murder mystery, but since this is a family game, maybe something along the lines of, who stole the halloween candy?) There would be a haunted house somewhere in the spiral (i vote for nightside) where restless souls of the previous tenents of the house live, and cant move to the great beyond (couldnt think of anything better LOL) Until they found out which of the family members, or house staff stole ALL OF THE HALLOWEEN CANDY. To find out and help the poor souls, you would have to battle each of them, after you defeated them, they would become friendly and give you a clue as to who did it. They dont know of course but they will tell you some of what they saw the day the candy was stolen. After you had defeated all of the members of the house (family members and staff) you will have to use your own deducing skills to find out who committed the crime. It will be different every time so you cant just tell your friends and cheat. There will be a book in the entrance where you can select who you think did it. If you choose wrong the spirit you accused will become angry and you will have to duel them again but with 10% more health. Then you may proceed to guess again. So no one in the group decides they know who did it and wont consult the others there has to be a majority rule, so each member gets one vote, and until one spirit has more votes than the others, you will not proceed. I think they're should also be a time limit for deciding who did it. This dungeon will give you very unique loot, such as candy snacks for your pets, halloween themed robes and wands, and scary decorations for your house. So that everyone can do this dungeon even if they arent too powerful yet, or dont exactly have a nack for solving mysteries there could be different levels of the dungeon.
Easy, recomended for levels 10-20 Medium, levels 20-30, Hard levels 30-40, INSANE level 40+
For the harder the dungeon the more likely you are to gain rare loot. Also since each level is only Recomended any level can go into any dungeon. For Easy the Ghosts of the house will give you straight forward clues and you can probably guess the guilty suspect with one try. Medium will require a little thought but you can probably guess correct on the first or second try. Hard will require much thought and will take you a few guesses. INSANE will almost require the thought of Leonardo Davinci to figure out. As the levels progress the clues will sound more like riddles and puzzles. There will also be a 5 guess limit. Besides the list of house members i think i covered it all.
House Members
Family member list:
Mom- Kelly
Dad- Tim
Son- Nathan
Daughter- Kaitie (it's how my sister spells it so it isn't incorrect by me)
Dogs- Boo (Toy poodle) Jenaveve (Mut)
Staff list:
Butler- Johnathan
Maid- Francesca
Gardener- Thomas
Cook- Emily

I think that's it. Please tell me any ideas you have. :)

Oct 11, 2009
Mar 08, 2009
I like this idea cool addition to halloween also maybe over the years the mystery would change and be really fun.
Cheyenne PixieSinger
Grandmaster Life