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New Balance and Life spell ideas

Dec 16, 2012
Both of these spells cost 1 shadow pip and 6 regular pips.

Balance: Drought

Animation: A lush forest appears in the battlefield, but is ravaged by sandstorms and swarms of locusts and scarabs, and the trees shrivel up, exposing the wizard's opponents to the sandstorms and swarms of insects, which viciously attack them.

Effect: Deals 100 damage and 1200 over 3 rounds to all opponents.

Life: Blade of Gaea

Animation: Huge boulders litter the ground in the battlefield. There is a deep rumbling, as if an earthquake were occurring. The boulders fly together & morph into a female figure clad in rock armor held together by roots. She hefts her large, rocky sword at each opponent.

Effect: Deals 900 damage to all opponents. Starts out with 10% base armor piercing.