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name changing

May 02, 2012
Okay, there REALLY needs to be some way to change your wizard's name. My fire wizard is level 72 and her name is Abigail Firecaster because I was originally gonna make her for my friend, Abby, but then I changed my mind. I grew attached to this character (and I am NOT going through all these worlds again to change her name) but it has been bugging me that her name is Abigail and I want to change it to my name, Andrea, or something else.
Maybe when you did it would send a notification to all your friends whenever they reentered the game, or at least everyone who you have favorited? Anything would be nice, so it'd be a great feature for the game! :)
And i'm sorry if this has been talked about recently :p
Abigail Firecaster lvl 72
Andrea Dragontamer lvl 92