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myth needs another attack all spell

Jun 10, 2009
first off
myth is struggling to attack enemies with one attack spells while all other schools are breezing by with their powerful attack all spells. it is getting harder to defeat enemies with humungofrog and earthquake. we need a new attack all spell. :(
here is a spell idea
hero of legend

a mysterious and muscular figure falls from the sky, swiftly, and cracks the stone ground with his fist once he lands. he gets up, looks at you with his white eyes and out comes a yellow beam shooting it at all enemies.
1025 to all enemies plus a myth blade to the caster
you must remember myth is the third powerfullest school

please comment and KI please comment
i put a lot of thought into this and i hope you like it

Dec 23, 2011
i like the spell idea but i dont think myth needs a other attack because my humongofrog and earthquake are pretty powerful. i hit 1485 with my earthquake with only a dragonblade a myth blade a time of legend a amplify and my 16% myth boost.

wolf dragonstaff lvl 44 myth

Dec 03, 2009
i agree myth is the weakest school to attack all enemies.
to give a refence of how weak we are our new spell basilisk does about 1,200 damage over-rounds with the new punch spell(to one enemy)
while fire has their "rain of fire" which does pretty much the same(but to all enemys!!!) so they pretty much do our damage times four!

"but i guess that we are suppost to use our minions"
(even do they are a waste of pips now since bosses can kill then in one shot)

But i think that our next spell is going to be a two shot spell (like minotaur of and orthrus) but to all enemies or at least i hope so

May 01, 2011
Has anyone possibly considered having another myth attack that has the same effects as earthquake but stronger? (Maybe 900-1200 damage or so)

Jun 08, 2009
It's too overpowered, how about this:


750 Damage and Stun to all enemies, 10 Pips.

Animation: A castle appears, and a Gryphon flies down from overhead. He screeches once at all enemies, with yellow sound waves coming from his beak. Then he flaps his wings mightily and sends a shockwave to all targets once, stunning them.


Jun 10, 2009
ok maybe it a little too powerful but its time for spells to peak into the 1000s. heres the new damage rate

925-1000 plus myth blade to caster :-)
myth is the third powerfulest school

and a more powerful earthquake thing would be unfair in pvp :(
btw storm had their peak in sea serpent (sorry forgot name)

Jun 10, 2009
also that gryphon spell is almost as powerful as storm's rank 7 spell!

needs to be more powerful it a rank 10 spell not rank 8
speaking of rank 8 that gryphon is weaker than medusa :(
way not fair :(