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My Legitimate Level 108 Spells

Jun 09, 2012
Magic Lover back with this time my ideas for the rank 12 spells that will be unlocked at the beginning of the third arc of Wizard101 with our new antagonist!
Mechanical Giant- Deals 1280 damage and destroy all wards on target
Flaming Pegasus- Deals 1540 damage and steal 2 blades from target
Glacier Drop- Deals 1110 damage to all enemies and +40% to next spell
Eelectric Serpent- Deals 1935 damage and destroy all blades on target
Eye of Horus- Deals 1485 damage to all enemies and stun for 1 round
Nature's Horror- Deals 1080 damage and dispel next 2 (any school) spells
Mutinied Shadow Web- Deals 1025 damage to all enemies/convert half to, +30% traps on enemies