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My hornocerous

Aug 25, 2010
I recently bought the Sun palace pack (spacing the name), but with it comes the hornocerous mount. i love it by my self and with other players, but there are some issues that need to be addresed.

1. If there is another person on my mount and we enter a building or another "no mount area" the rhino disappears and the person is stuck to me! There pet is there and they are in there normal standing stance, but the are on top of me and i control them- awkward.

2. So i think, if i just walk back outside then everything should go back to normal, right? But sadly no. They are on the back seat but there pet is still there, frozen next to the mount.

3. It wasn't too much of a problem with the pet there, but when they try to dismount, or leave the group, they simply drop off the rhino, frozen directly underneath where they were sitting- so only there head pokes through the seat.

4. So if someone comes to my house and gets on my mount, and i go inside, i have to end up kicking them out of my house :(

5. Lastly, when i talk on the rhino, the speech bubble goes crazy and twitches around the top of the screen.

I don't know if anyone else has expirienced the problems, or have expirenced anyother ones, but please post comments or solutions.